Can Termite Infestation Make You Sick?

Termites don’t actually carry diseases, but having a termite invasion in your home can have a negative effect on your health and make you ill in a variety of ways.

One of the primary reasons why these pesky pests can result in health issues is that they attract mould and mildew to your house. Wooden structures deteriorate as a result of their feeding activities, and the decomposing wood is vulnerable to mould formation. Mould can trigger allergies or other health problems for you and your family if it grows on the ceilings, furniture, or in the attic of your house.

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Exposure to mould spores dispersed in the air by termites can make you sick, especially if you struggle with allergies or another persistent respiratory disease. Mould spread by termites spreading throughout your home has a greater chance of landing on food or being inhaled. Fungal infections, skin problems, and moderate to severe asthma can all be caused by mould.

Health Issues That Are Indirectly Triggered By Termites

 Termites are considered to pose a number of health hazards, including:

Skin Irritation – Skin irritation is one of the most typical complaints that people who have been bitten by termites may experience. A termite bite will cause an allergic response in people who have sensitive skin and are susceptible to termite saliva.

Respiratory Problems and Allergies – Allergies can be triggered by termite shells or frass (termite droppings), which are produced as a by-product of their timber activities. If persons who are sensitive to termite droppings come into close touch with the frass, they may develop significant illnesses or allergies. The wood dust inhaled by someone with a persistent health issue causes respiratory discomfort.

Asthma flare-ups – Because wooden dust and irritant particles from termite nests are disseminated, the existence of these nasty pests on your property can turn moderate asthma into a severe ailment. Furthermore, particulates from the eggs will be dispersed widely around the house by the HVAC systems. When termite infestations become prevalent, asthma patients may have to endure recurrent episodes.

Fungal Infection – Termite excrement and wood dust can exacerbate the fungal infection in persons who have exposed wounds and recurrent illnesses.

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