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    If you live in Australia, you are most likely familiar with the rat problem. Australia alone has numerous rat species such as the black rat, house rat and brown rat that are capable to spread over 35 serious diseases and health concerns among people. They can cause a lot of destruction in both commercial and residential premises with their chewing and nibbling. Even if you happen to come across a single pest of this species, you need to take immediate action as it is likely that there are more of them residing in your property unbeknownst to you. Get in touch with Pestly Pest Control Melbourne today for our rat removal Melbourne team for detailed information on our processes followed for rat control.

    Risks of Rat Infestation

    Rats are small in size, but the effects of the devastation and harm that they can cause are catastrophic. Read ahead to know more about the risks a rat infestation carries:

    • Their constant need to gnaw and chew at things can destroy day to day materials of usage such as newspapers, clothes, food packaging, wooden furniture, insulation, and electrical panels.

    • Their hair, faecal matter, and urine pollute food, leading to food poisoning and contamination.

    • Produce offensive odours.

    • Rats carry fleas or ticks that can be harmful to pets as well as humans.

    Signs of Rat Infestation

    Listed ahead are some major signs that can help you in establishing whether there is a rat infestation in your property:

    • 3-6 mm sized dark, slender pieces of droppings are a sign of a rat infestation in your property.

    • Trails or pathways created by rats in your home or in the external radius of your house is an indication of a rat infestation.

    • Oily rub stains or traces alongside wall surfaces that are used by rats.

    • Signs of chewed plumbing, pipes, wiring, furniture etc. is a major sign of rat infestation.

    • Sighting rats running across your kitchen, basement, attic or roof is another sign of a possible full-blown infestation.

    • Strewn or missing food from your pets’ bowl is also an indicator of rat presence in your property.

    Why Choose Us For The Best Rat Removal Services Melbourne?

    Rats are extremely destructive and annoying pests to have in your property. They can cause a number of diseases and health concerns which can damage the health of you and your loved ones. Pestly Pest Control Melbourne is a reputed rat removal and control business operating in Melbourne and its suburbs. We have garnered customer confidence and support with our excellent and precise outcomes in eliminating and managing rat removal services in residential and commercial areas.

    • Our rat removal services are priced at affordable and fair prices.
    • We work with local rat control professionals who have been competently trained and accredited.
    • You have 24*7 accesses for scheduling an appointment including weekends and public holidays for the rat removal from your property.
    • All rat control products and chemicals used are totally environmentally friendly and safe.
    • All our customer support staff is extremely courteous and friendly. You are sure to experience have a pleasant service experience.

    Know More about the Rat Removal Process followed by Pestly Pest Control Melbourne



    When you make an appointment with one of our rat removal specialists, they will show up at your doorstep at the appointed time.

    They will inspect and find areas or sources of food water, food, or shelter.

    They check all the places such as your garden, garages, attics, basements, garden sheds, bird feeders, car parking, crawl spaces, pantry, cupboards, cabinets, closets etc. They also check the potential entry points including doors and its sills, windows, roofs, etc.

    Placement of Baits & Other Products

    Rat removal is carried out by placing baits containing chemicals. These baits are placed at strategic locations and points that would not be accessible to your kids and pets. Depending on the magnitude of the infestation, the team decides to carry out fumigation, placing traps or other specialized rodenticides for the pest control. We make sure that the chemicals and products used are eco-friendly and non-hazardous to the people occupying the place.

    Post Inspection

    In this step, the team carries out a post inspection of the treated area. This is done to make sure all the rat population is vanished from the property. The team then sanitizes and disinfects the place so as to prevent any germ build-up.

    Benefits of Hiring Experts for Rat Removal

    Rats are annoying and disgusting pests. They present a real threat to one’s health and safety because they can spoil food, spread disease, and cause breakdowns by vigorously scouring buildings for food.

    • Rat removal Experts have the technological expertise to identify and establish the presence of a pest infestation. They are better equipped to take corrective measures against the infestation.
    • Attempting to carry out a pest control with store-bought products may not work out as expected. The infestation may increase after that or pose more serious health concerns which in itself is dangerous. You do not want to end up exposing you and your loved ones to health threats or diseases. Getting a professional pest controller on board is more advantageous.
    • A rat infestation without doubt makes the place a haven of germs and bacteria. Hiring a pest controller is a better choice as it would not just clean the place but also help in sanitization and disinfection of the property.
    • Rats and mice destroy anything that comes in their way which causes a lot of visible harm. Getting an expert to tackle the situation is necessary so that there is no more damage to the movable and immovable assets in the house.

    Professional expertise can be helpful in eliminating any pest issue in a matter of a few hours. On the other hand, attempting to clear out a pest infestation on your own without any basic knowledge of it can end up worsening the issue from what it was in the beginning. Contact Pestly Pest Control Melbourne to get a reliable solution on your longstanding pest issue. You are guaranteed to get respite from pest infestations of any scale.

    Opt For Our Affordable Rat Removal Services Melbourne

    We have been offering affordable and pocket-friendly rat removal services to commercial and residential property-holders in Melbourne. We also offer efficient bird nesting, wasp control, spider control and many other beneficial pest control services to our clients. Get in touch with our customer-friendly representatives to know more about the services that we offer.

    Same Day Rat Removal Services

    Have you come across live rats or their droppings in your property? Do not worry about the rats causing damage at your place. Opt for our same day rat removal services that will rid your property from the clutches of the rat population in a single day! Our team will be sent to your location as soon as you confirm your booking. These services will ensure that your business or residence gets rid of the pests without delay and you can resume your daily routine once again. Our same day rat removal services ensure that the cleanliness and hygiene of your property are restored as soon as possible.

    Residential Rat Removal Services Melbourne

    We deliver excellent residential rat removal services to the residents of Melbourne and its suburbs. All our rat removal service experts are experienced and acquainted with handling rat infestations and removal of different scales with equal ease. We make sure to use pest control chemicals and solutions that would be the least hazardous and non-allergic for kids, pets, and pregnant women. We promise to provide you with a home that is completely clean and free of pests and insects. Opt for regular pest control services for the rat infestation in your property rather than allowing the decline of your property’s value in the market. Do not let the rats in your property ruin your peace of mind and the hygienic environment. Hire our rat removal Melbourne services today to have some of our experts come and inspect your property. Contact us today for your free, no-obligation quote.

    Commercial Rat Removal Services Melbourne

    Commercial rat removal services offered by Pestly Pest Control Melbourne are extremely effective and reasonable. We have experience in delivering rat removal and control services for various commercial establishments like day care centres, theatres, schools, universities, factories, etc. We pride ourselves in being able to provide tailored rat removal and management solutions to all our commercial clients. We make sure to preserve and protect your precious assets from decline due to the rat infestation. Get in touch with us if your business establishment has been taken over by rats. We would ensure that your work hours do not get hampered by our work and hence can schedule rat removal Melbourne services in the early or later parts of the day or on the weekends. You just need to give us a call on 0480018318 for more details.

    Know More About How You Can Keep Rats Off Your Property?

    • Get rid of the unnecessary clutter in your home as that gives them room to hide and make their nests in. Find and dispose of the packaging boxes, plastics, old magazines, newspapers, cardboards as these are the things used by rats and mice to nest.

    • Caulk any gaps and crevices in the walls that help rats and mice to enter and travel through your property since they are tiny and can even pass-through penny-sized holes. Likewise, look for holes and cracks in walls, doorframes, windows, or any damaged points that may have been previously used to get into your property.

    • Store all packaged and cooked food in airtight containers in the pantry. If not, then it may become a source of ration for the rats making it completely unsafe for consumption again.

    • Vacuum your home regularly. Also, do not forget to wipe down the kitchen counter, cooking top, toasters and all the appliances used during cooking. The food crumbs inside or strewn outside can also be enough for rats and other pests to feed on.

    • Rats can enter into your house through roofs and the overgrown trees near the property. To avoid that from happening make sure your roofing is securely fastened and that your attic has no openings that can be used by the rats for entering.

    • Make sure to have the drainage systems cleaned as rats can travel through them into your house.

    • Opt for regular inspection from professionals to have your premises checked for signs of rat infestation.

    Frequently Asked Questions at Pestly Pest Control Melbourne

    1. Can I perform the rat removal by myself in my home?

    Ans. You can only if you have the necessary knowledge of baits and traps required for carrying out the same. You should be aware that killing rodents with bait may necessitate extensive cleaning if the rodents end up dying in your home. Furthermore, baits can cause infection in homes with pets or children, so it is best to leave the job to the professionals.

    2. Why am I still seeing rats after the rat removal done by your professionals?

    Ans. The bait placed will require about 3-4 days to show effect, whereas, another 15 days for the rat population to get eliminated completely.

    3. Is hiring pest control worth the effort for getting rid of the rat infestation in my property?

    Ans. Rats and their populations cause drastic damage throughout the property. By the time, you make up your mind to hire professional help, the infestation may have doubled or tripled in size thus also increasing the damage. Hence, it is wise to opt for pest control at the very first sight of a rat infestation.

    4. Is it possible to get rid of rats in a day?

    Ans. That all depends on the extent of the infestation in your property. Phone our experts on 0480018318 to schedule an appointment wherein they can inspect the whole property and then let you know whether that it is possible or not.

    5. Will professional rat removal and pest control services be very expensive?

    Ans. No. All our pest control services are actually inexpensive and reasonable. Speak to our team of customer care representatives to get a better idea around our service charges.

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