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    Bed bugs are tiny insects that disturb your sleep. They are covered in bed crevices and cracks. Bedbugs bite you on the arms, back, and shoulders which cause discomfort to the residents. Therefore you need to get bed bugs control in Melbourne. Bed bugs feed on the blood they drink when you are quietly sleeping. They bite mainly while sleeping at night; causing skin swelling that can severely increase itching and inflammation.

    Bugs cannot be easily recognized as other insects, as they are petite in size and aggravate quickly. Once you find bloodstains on your sheeting; you need to understand that it can be due to an existing infestation in your home. Hire Pestly Pest Control Melbourne for successful extermination of bedbugs. We also disinfect and sanitize your facilities to manage the COVID-19 virus. In addition to that we offer possum pest control and rodent pest control to safeguard your house from such pests.

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    Pestly Pest Control Melbourne is a one-stop solution for all your pest control requirements. We provide reliable and affordable pest control services to keep you and your family away from bedbugs and your beds clean. You can choose us for the following reasons:

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    What is the Process of Bedbugs Control Melbourne?


    At first, our professional pest controller team recognizes the spaces and affected areas to be treated. They also let you know the number of treatment sessions it will take to completely rid your house of the bugs.


    We apply a strong insecticide solution to the affected areas. Also, we spray in areas including any cracks and crevices in the room, the insides of the furniture. Further, even on surfaces that come in contact with the bedbugs.


    Our experts recommend that after insecticide spraying leave the room for around 2 hours depending on the size and the damage caused. We will also let you know how long the solution has to remain to be dried and how long you should be not using those rooms.

    Why is it Important to avail of Professional Bedbug Control Melbourne?

    At Pestly Pest Control Melbourne, we have a team of skilled and qualified professionals bedbugs control in Melbourne are efficient and skilfully remove bedbugs hiding in tiny spaces in your room, in the beds, in the parts of mattresses. Further, hiring professional bedbug control also helps you get back your precious sleep and prevents sleep deprivation. It is scientifically proven that night’s sleep is instrumental for optimum functioning of your body, brain, and metabolism, thus, your next day depends upon the previous night’s sleep.

    Moreover, if avail of best Bedbug Control Melbourne services from a renowned and trustworthy pest control company like Pestly Pest Control in Melbourne, results in a long-lasting and effective treatment. Also, we do not fleece you of your hard-earned money.

    What all services do you provide?

    Bedbugs Control

    Silverfish Control

    Bird Control Nesting

    Termite Control

    Cockroach Control

    Wasp Control

    Bees Control

    Borer Control

    Flea Control

    Spider Control

    What are the consequences of Bedbugs?

    These small insects will not only cause infectious diseases but can result in different health risks.

    The major issue one can face due to bed bugs is sleep deprivation. This may become taxing on your health leading to a stressful and depressing life. Further, your immune system can be threatened.

    Some individuals can have allergies, irritation, and itchiness from the bite of bedbugs. In rare cases, it can also jeopardize your health causing face hypersensitivity, scratching to spread infection and anaphylactic shocks that can be extremely dangerous.

    Bed bugs particularly keep hiding in mattresses and bedsheets within the cracks, folds, and tiny holes in the bed, and when it’s dark, they come out to feast on human blood. Furthermore, you’ll find bedbugs whenever it’s easy to get in. They even breed in curtain folds, couches, electrical fixtures, wall hangings, carpet edges, cushions, and wardrobes.

    The pest controllers at Pestly Pest Control Melbourne make use of environmental pesticides and chemical solutions after proper assessment of the infected sites. And that is more effective than any other DIY method.


    1. Where can I detect bedbugs’ infestation at my place?

    You can detect it in several areas in your home, such as in beds, picture frames, chairs, cushions, sofas, behind, etc.

    2. Can I treat bedbugs through home remedies?

    Tiny creatures like bedbugs are experts in hiding in places for months and can aggravate in no time. Therefore, treating these species is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is indeed a tough job and an expert should be hired to eliminate them. Get our Bedbugs Control Melbourne service today!

    3. Whenever I sleep at night I get an itchy feeling. I doubt its bedbugs. Will you inspect my bed area?

    Yes, of course, book bedbugs pest control Melbourne services at Pestly Pest Control Melbourne, our professional team will visit your place to inspect and help you with the issue. Call us at 0480018318 and ask for a FREE quote.

    4. Is bed bugs treatment service safe to stay in the treated area?

    Absolutely yes, our expert pest controllers use only eco-friendly and non-toxic chemicals, which allow you to still stay in the serviced area of your home. Our team will carefully perform the job and cover all your items and furniture in the room. Also, we will keep it away from you and your family members.

    5. Can you give me few easy tips to control the growth of bedbugs at my place?

    Place the affected fabric either in sunlight for a short period or in the freezer for 10-12 hours

    Wash your travel clothes and the bedbugs infested sheets with hot water and also sanitize them

    Declutter your living spaces from time to time. That will minimize the spaces the bedbugs hide in

    Invest in high-quality mattress covers that will protect the mattress from getting infested with bedbugs

    Hire professional bedbugs to control Melbourne if the bedbugs do not respond to the above measures

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