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    Living with annoying and creepy pests in the same vicinity constantly is highly scary and dangerous. Infestation by many a pest such as termites, rats, possums, mice, ants, etc. destroys the structural strength of properties. It is also a huge health scare for the residents. Pest infestation also depreciates the value of the property on the market, should you ever think of selling it.

    We at Pestly Pest Control Melbourne offer our customer’s property inspection and pest control treatments with safe and green pest control agents. We give guidance to them to take steps to avoid pest infestation again. Call us today for a free quote and inspection from our experts. Get in touch with us today via our helpline number or fill out the form available on our website with your contact details. Our residential pests control Melbourne experts have rich experience in effectively dealing with pests of any and every variety. The pest infestation in your residential property would definitely be a thing of the past once you entrust your house to our competent team.

    Why Residential Pest Infestation is Harmful?

    Pests invade residential properties for many reasons. They need food, water, nesting space, and breeding space. These pests hide in different corners of a house and create problems for residents. Have a look at how these pests could be dangerous for you:

    • Pests like possums and rats stay or roam on top of roofs and walls. When they die the stench their carcasses leave doesn’t go away for many days. That stench spoils the air quality and can spread diseases too.
    • Ants, cockroaches, flies, and pantry pests are the first ones to feast on any uncovered food in your kitchen. They come out in the night and spoil any food you left on the counter or dining table.
    • Pests such as borers, carpenter ants, and termites are known to destroy wooden and timber furniture. Apart from furniture, electrical appliances, trees, papers, and many other things are destroyed by pests.
    • The urine and faeces of pests such as birds, rats, and possums can spread infections. Some diseases transmitted by pests are Salmonellosis, Psittacosis, Plague, Hantavirus, Typhoid, etc.
    • Clothes moths, silverfish and many other pests leave their dander on clothes and fabric. This leads to allergies.

    Why Choose Pestly Pest Control Melbourne?

    Pestly Pest Control Melbourne is a trusted company that is way better than other companies in the market in many ways. If you are looking for a company, then you can choose us without hesitation because we provide the following advantages:

    • Our team is experienced. Our experts can control almost all the pests that are found on residential properties.
    • We never ask for an unreasonably high price. Our service is affordable.
    • Our company provides same day or emergency pest control service.
    • We use top-notch products to kill pests.
    • There would be no side effects of pest control products on human skin or the respiratory system.

    Pests That We Remove

    Pestly Pest Control Melbourne is a licensed company that controls a wide range of pests and abides by laws. Our professionals can eliminate all species of pests with ease. Have a look at the common pests that we remove:

    • Ants

    If you keep never clean your kitchen, then you would suffer from frequent recurrence of ant infestation. Ants get ample food in houses. They also make several breeding places. So, you could get rid of such nasty pests by hiring our residential pest control Melbourne team.

    • Rodents

    Property damage and health issues become common when rodents invade a house. It is hazardous to have these pests around you. Our rodent control team uses odorless rodenticides and employs tactics to kill and prevent rodents.

    • Cockroaches

    These creepy creatures contaminate the food in the kitchen and spread various health problems. They are frequently found in the kitchen and bathroom. Our team sprays and dusts pesticides to kill cockroaches.

    • Silverfish

    The silverfish are tiny crawling insects that are often found in cupboards, bed boxes and behind wallpapers. These pests prefer a moist environment and cause damage to fabrics. You don’t have to put up with the nuisance created by these insects. Call us and we would control these pests easily.

    • Borers

    Borers could also be found in homes. These pests target wooden structures and make holes in them. They live inside chairs, tables, sofas, etc. They mix their saliva with wood dust and make their shelter. We know the right way to control these borers. So, you can make an appointment today!

    • Birds

    It is so pleasant to look at birds flying in the sky. But, these birds become a pain in the neck when making their nests in the yard of a house. Their noises, broken eggs, and droppings could be a problem for humans. Boko our residential pest control Melbourne service and we would tackle these pests.

    • Moths

    Did you see chew marks on clothes and food packages? These marks could indicate the presence of moths. Before the moths become troublesome, you could rely on our service for their removal. Our helpful team would also suggest ways to prevent moths.

    • Wasps

    It is common for Australian to find wasp nests in the yard. But, these pests are dangerous. Their stings can cause severe allergies. Our trained team would help you in exterminating the wasps. We use fumigation and pesticide sprays to kill the wasps.

    • Spiders

    These pests can be commonly found in residential properties. These pests make webs to keep their eggs protected. If you have been noticing spider webs in your house, then you can book our service. Our pest control team would effectively eradicate spiders.

    • Bed Bugs

    Bed bugs are tiny parasites that stay inside mattresses and contaminate them. These pests spread blood infection. Our team removes bed bugs with help of advanced products and techniques.

    • Possums

    Book our service as soon as you discover the signs of possum infestation. Possums are protected by the Australian government. These pests spread several diseases and carry pathogens too. You could prevent these repercussions with our service.

    • Fleas

    These pests are commonly found in houses where pets stay. Fleas make pests their hosts and suck blood from them. This is why pests suffer from allergies and skin infections. Our residential pest control team sprays the best-quality products to kill fleas.

    The procedure of Residential Pest Control

    To make residential properties pest-free, our certified team follows an effective process. Some steps are involved in this process. All these steps are executed carefully so that no pest is left after the treatment. Have a look at the steps that we follow:

    Assessment of Place

    The residential pest control Melbourne team comes to your house and analyses the property for checking the extent of the infestation. They also come to know what pest has been crawling around your property and what treatment solution would be most appropriate for eliminating it fully.

    Pest Control Plan

    The team at Pestly Pest Control Melbourne makes a customized plan for every house. They look at the intensity of pest infestation and finalize the pest treatments. They determine the treatment duration and estimated result.

    Pest Extermination

    Once the above step is done, they apply the decided chemicals to the affected areas. If the damage done by the pests is too severe they also spray pesticide solutions over the areas that are strong enough to kill the pests effectively. Alternatively, heat treatment is also used where high degree heat is applied over every nook and cranny that has seen the presence of the insect.

    The chemicals are left to dry out on their own. And you are asked to not wash the area for a couple of days more for best results and prevention of regrowth of the insects and pests.

    Post-Treatment Visit

    The team of pest controllers and exterminators revisit you in a few days to check for new activity or growth in the treated areas.

    Emergency or Same Day Pest Control Services in Melbourne

    Many professionals work day and night to fulfill the requirements of residential property owners. No matter where you live in Melbourne, we would reach your home within 24 hours. Pestly Pest Control Melbourne assures customer satisfaction by employing the best pest management strategies. If you have noticed too many pests in your home, ask our team to eliminate them. Booking is open 24/7.

    Residential Pest Control Services at a Low Cost

    Pestly Pest Control Melbourne is the topmost provider of pest control services in Melbourne. Our services are preferred by many residential owners in the city. Our experts use organic pesticides to avoid any side effects on the skin or respiratory system. Our company offers such amazing services at affordable prices. Based on the factors like property size and pest type, our team provides a budget-friendly quote to the clients. If you want to receive a quote, feel free to contact us.

    Helpful Pest Prevention Tips

    Prevention is better than cure! If you don’t want to suffer because of pests, then take some serious action against them. We suggest some tips that are easy to implement and give great results. Check out the tips:

    • Always keep your house clean. Don’t pile up newspapers or clothes in the storerooms.
    • Fix the leaking water pipelines because moisture attracts pests.
    • Put the food in airtight boxes. Also, keep fresh food covered.
    • Avoid outdoor parties if your house is vulnerable to wasps and bees.
    • Don’t leave utensils unwashed at night.
    • Always be proactive in terms of finding the signs of pest infestation.
    • Hire residential pest control Melbourne experts when the infestation becomes severe.


    Q1. Do you provide same-day pest control services?

    Ans. Yes, we provide same-day pest control services.

    Q2. Are the products you use safe for pregnant women?

    Ans. Our products are approved by the government and hence safe for pregnant women.

    Q3. How much time is taken for the pest control service?

    Ans. Our pest control team generally takes 2-3 hours to cover the whole house.

    Q4. Is it okay for the children to be around when the pest control is on?

    Ans. They are okay to be around us, as long as they do not step onto the treated areas that would be wet.

    Q5. I keep hearing weird sounds from the roof. Is it a sign of rats?

    Ans. Most certainly! Such sounds are also typical of possums which are a species similar to rats.

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