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    End of lease pest control Melbourne

    It is compulsory by law for any tenant to leave the rented house in a clean and tidy condition. As also, for a landlord to give the house on lease in a hygienic condition. It is part of the legal bond for the tenant to provide a sanitized and cleaned property back to its owner. Also, if the tenants owned any pets while residing in the property, then it is all the more logical to have an end-of-lease pest control Melbourne done before releasing the property. It is a common sticky situation where the previous occupants did not clear the house of pests and surrendered it in a dirty condition and the same house is being offered to new tenants. Which is unfair to both parties – the new tenants as well as the landlord.

    We at, Pestly Pest Control Melbourne provide end of lease pest control to property-owners in Melbourne . Our team of pest controllers conducts a complete and comprehensive inspection of the property for finding signs of pest damage. If there is pest infestation we use our organic cleaning products and equipment to clean the site of damage thoroughly. We also issue a receipt that confirms that the pest control has been by us and to keep records for the company registers. A professional service provider should be contacted by tenants and landlords for the end-of-lease pest control and inspection. Get in touch with us on 0480018318 as we are the perfect people for this job and to ensure the property is clean and sanitary again! You can also fill the service request form on our website and we would be happy to give you a call.

    Benefits of End-of-lease Pest Control Melbourne

    1. Check the growth of newer pests – Pests like cockroaches, bugs, ants, termites feed on the food crumbs you carelessly drop in your home and do not clean for days on end. An end-of-lease pest control would be surely in your interest as a tenant even if you want to renew the lease. Or conversely, if you are the landlord, you do not want to build a reputation of having a dirty home to lease out.

    2. Evaluation of pest damage – end of lease pest control is done only by experienced pest controllers at Pestly Pest Control Melbourne. Their trained eyes and experience help them evaluate the pest damage, the possible hiding places to extract pests hiding in is useful for a proper and highly effective pest control. Usage of cleaning agents and chemicals that would do the job perfectly is in the best interest of our company as well as your property.

    3. Avoid legal hassles – Not complying with the end-of-lease pest control certification as a tenant or landlord either ways will attract legal trouble. Not complying with pest control certification as a landlord may attract facing relevant legal tribunals and also earn you a bad rep on the market. You would be unable to rent out your property till you comply to the pest control rules and regulations. And as for the tenants, the previous landlord may take you to the court for not complying with the pest control legalities before vacating the place.

    4. Get good rental for your property – Having the relevant pest control servicing certificates will be of advantage to you as a landlord. As any end-of-lease pest control program guarantees a thorough cleaning and pest control of the property, the property automatically looks well-maintained. And you are able to quote a decent price for the rental and leasing out of the property.

    5. Remove unwanted pests from your property – There are common household pests such as ants, possums, termites, cockroaches, bedbugs, borers etc. which infest your property intermittently. They do not go away with DIY techniques and store-brought chemicals because of the deficiency of professional products and techniques. Getting an end-of-lease pest control certification helps in deep cleaning the property and eliminating all such pests that make living in your property a very difficult task. Putting up such a property on the rental market is of no use and would not get you even the basic average rate. Pestly Pest Control Melbourne guarantees the best cleaning solutions that will target the particular pest and exterminate it completely.

    End-of-lease Pest Control Process

    A proactive approach is required to exterminate pests that do not easily go away. An end of lease pest control becomes all the more important and urgent for cleaning the property and ridding it of any hidden nuisance

    1. Property inspection – A thorough inspection of the whole property is carried out to ascertain any pests that are hiding in wall cavities, roof cavities, sub floorings etc.

    2. Application of pesticides – A pesticide powder or a liquid solution is applied to the areas that are housing the pests creating problems for occupants. The places may include roofs, walls, floorboards, etc. We at Pestly Pest Control Melbourne make use of the least harmful chemicals and pesticides for the procedure.

    3. Fumigation – A special cleaning gas is dispersed over the premises that also accesses the nooks and corners of the rooms. That way, all the targeted pests are killed appropriately. Alternatively, a heat pest control machine is also used to target the deeply embedded pests via strong heat. The heating method is completely safe and highly effective to deal with stubborn and dirty pests that spread diseases and allergies among people.

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    End of Lease Pest Control

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    Why choose us?

    Pestly Pest Control Melbourne specializes in providing effective end-of-lease pest control services to Melbourne residents. Our competent team of pest control technicians and pest control specialists are available round-the-clock for assisting you and providing best-in-class pest control facilities to you whether you are a tenant vacating the property or a landlord requiring services for putting up the property for rental purposes.

    Pestly Pest Control Melbourne is a licensed and fully insured service provider in the pest control industry

    The cleaning products and chemicals we use are eco-friendly and in adherence to different health and safety standards laid down by Australian law.

    We provide same day services once you have confirmed your booking. We also provide emergency pest control and end-of-lease pest control services to clients.

    Our customer support staff is available 24*7 along with a team of pest control experts. So we are available on weekends and public holidays at your service too!

    Our pest control technicians on a thorough inspection of your property devise a suitable pest management plan of action to target the extermination of the specific pest.


    1. What is the prior preparation I need to do before your technicians arrive for the end of the lease pest control?

    You need to provide access to your property and before that, move out all the heavy furniture and fixtures for proper pest control.

    2. I need to vacate my rental property next week and the agreement requires me to get an end-of-lease pest control done. Can you do it for me?

    Yes, Pestly Pest Control specializes in end of lease pest control services. We operate in and around Melbourne with minimum inconvenience and effort for you. We also issue a certificate to you stating the completion of payment and pest control done.

    3. What are the things one can do to keep pests away from your property?

    Vacuum your floor, furniture, and beddings regularly. Also, make sure to vacuum the crevices and inaccessible spots from time to time. If you have pets, then comb them and clean them regularly to protect them from getting pest infestations.

    4. When should I book an appointment for the end-of-lease pest control?

    It is the most suitable time to book for end-of-lease pest control if your lease on the property you occupy will expire in a few days or it has already expired. Also, if you are preparing to leave your rental property then it is mandatory to get the end of least pest control done before surrendering it.

    5. What can I do to ease the end-of-lease pest control easier for your technicians?

    Keeping the furniture and everyday use items away will make it easier for our pest controllers and technicians accompanying them for the end-of-lease pest control and subsequent processes required.

    6. What if am not present at the time of the end-of-lease pest control Melbourne?

    It is completely fine even if you are not present at the property that needs end-of-lease pest control. You can submit a key to the property beforehand. And finish the payment via online platforms or credit card. We then provide the end-of-lease completion certificate to you via email and post.

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