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Expert Possum Removal Melbourne

Possum are cute-looking rodents that reside in the forest. But these rodents can cause havoc in your house. Rely on Pestly Pest Control Melbourne, as we are the best possum catcher in Melbourne. Our team identifies and restricts possum entrance sources and thoroughly examines their presence. We safely dispose of possum without killing them.

The law of the Australian government prohibits the killing of possums as these rodents are centrally protected. With Pestly Pest Control Melbourne you can get dead possum removed from your premises at reasonable prices. We serve both residential and commercial clients in Melbourne. Feel free in contacting us for expert services of possum removal Melbourne. We also provide dead possum removal and rodent control services. Give us a call on +61480018318!

Top Facts About Possums

  • Study shows, possum feces contain deadly bacteria that produce flesh consuming ulcers.
  • Exposure to possum excrement leads to long-term functionality impairment.
  • As per Wildlife Act, 1975 killing possum is a crime. So handling them requires skills and knowledge.
  • Possum acts dead by lying on the ground. These rodents are considered dangerous for humans.
  • Possum defensive behavior includes displaying jaws and standing on their feet.

What Attracts Possum?

  • Nighttime: Possum thrives during nighttime, and prefers resting during the day. They remain engaged and active after sunset in search of food.
  • Hollow trees: Possum rest in the hollow trees. They build their home within a year.
  • Camphor Leaves: Leaves of certain plants like passion fruit, roses, and gardenias are the favorite food of possum.
  • Nest Boxes: When trees are fewer in number, possum prefer resting in nest boxes or roofs of the house.

What Does a Possum Dislike?

  • Light: Possum doesn’t like any kind of bright light, and prefers remaining in the dark.
  • Stinking smell: The smell of mint leaves, margaritas, or chrysanthemums drive the possum away from the gardens.
  • Trappers: Possum hates being trapped in a trapper as it separates them from their territories. Also, moving possum is a challenging task. Hence you should rely on Pestly Possum Pest Control Melbourne for possum removal services.

Dead Possum Removal Services by Pestly Pest Control Melbourne

Possums are categorized as endangered species in Australia. Despite creating havoc killing them is an offense. Usually, possum dies by eating baits, getting trapped, or being chased by other animals. Such events leave possum carcasses behind, and locating the body becomes a challenge.

The carcass of dead possum releases an unpleasant smell for over 2 months. Hence, getting immediate services for possum removal Melbourne is necessary. Our team remains 24×7 available for providing emergency pest control services. Pestly Pest Control Melbourne uses the best techniques for dead possum removal. The whole premise is sanitized and deodorized for eliminating germs and odor.

Signs of Possum Invasion in Your Premises

  • Possum loves feeding on certain plants, and if you see destruction in your garden, consider it a sign of possum invasion.
  • Possum droppings may be found in a clean area. Their droppings look like rubbish and it indicates the presence of possum in your surroundings.
  • During the nighttime, the possum roams around in search of food and can be heard creating screeching sounds. Possum seeks attention or attracts others through sound.
  • These rodents stink as they have a smell secreting gland beneath their chin. So, when you sense a foul smell in your backyard, feel free in seeking professional assistance from Pestly Pest Control Melbourne.
  • The eyes of the possum shine, and they leave paw marks everywhere. Consider this as a sign of possum invasion and act immediately.
  • You may notice bite marks on the plants, or furniture kept outdoors. This is a clear sign of possum as they bite plants and timber for sharpening teeth.

What to Do After Spotting Possum?

  • Act swiftly and locate the entrance source of the possum. Restrict the entry points by blocking them.
  • Possum leaves a scent from their glands, wherever they go. So, if you can smell an odor, clean and sanitize the area for odor elimination.
  • Light up your house, as possum, dislike bright places.
  • Trim the tree branches that reach your roof, if there are any.
  • Repair the holes around your house during dawn when possum remains outside in search of food.

Locations Serviced by Pestly Pest Control Melbourne

  • Commercial location
  • Industries
  • Government locations
  • Restaurants and Hotels
  • Residential areas
  • Hospitals
  • Educational institutions
  • Religious places

Features of Possum Control Melbourne

  • Identification and removal of a dead possum
  • Blocking entry sources
  • Eco-friendly steps for possum removal
  • Catching possum from chimneys and roofs

Same-Day Possum Removal Service Melbourne

Pestly Pest Control Melbourne provides possum removal services 24×7. Our team uses the latest devices for monitoring, catching, and disposing of possums. We safely remove and dispose of the dead possums from the premises.

We understand customers’ demand and aim at providing 100% customer satisfaction through our quality services. Don’t panic at the sight of possum, just contact us for the best services. Also. for dead possum removal services in Melbourne, give us a call today!

Why Hire Us For  Possum Removal in Melbourne?

  • Quick and effective services
  • Years of experience in the industry
  • Use of latest tools and devices
  • Emergency and same day services for possum removal Melbourne
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • Licensed and certified professionals
  • Availability of services to remotest area of Melbourne

Frequently Asked Questions at Pestly Pest Control Melbourne

1. How to deal with live possum roaming on my roof?

Cut the tree branches or any other sources of climbing the rooftop, so possums don’t reach and roam around your house.

2. How do I remove a dead possum from the roof?

You should seek professional help from Pestly Pest Control Melbourne for removing dead possum. Our experts safely remove and dispose of dead possum from your roof.

3. Can possum damage my roof?

Yes, the urine of possum leaves ugly yellow stains on the ceiling that releases a foul smell. They may dig holes in your ceiling as well.

4. Does Pestly Pest Control Melbourne kill possum?

No. Possum killing is illegal in Australia. Hence, we don’t kill but dispose of them in a safe place.


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