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    Dead Animal Removal Melbourne

    Rodents, rats, possum, birds, and other animals target your abode in the search of food and shelter. These small pests can fit through the smallest opening, therefore it is impossible to make your house pest-proof.

    Exterminating these trespassing pests with insecticide can resolve the issue, but this can lead to another issue. The problem arises when these pests that have consumed bait do not leave the house and end up dying in the wall cavities, ceiling, attic, or flooring. Not just by baits, animals may even die due to natural occurrences.

    As the dead animal begins to decay, their dead carcasses start to give off an awful and very overwhelming odour. It is essential to take immediate action to remove the carcass to prevent cross-contamination and diseases in the house.

    What to Do When You Smell a Dead Animal?

    First and foremost, locate the source. As soon as notice that some animal has died inside the house, start looking for the maggots, beetles, swarm of flies, and other insects that are attracted to the dead animal. If you notice an increased presence of flies around a corner or on the ceiling, try the sniff test. If the odour feels strong at the spot, then the dead carcass would be there. Sometimes bodily fluids seep out of the carcass, so keep an eye out for stains on the ceiling or other parts of the house.

    We recommended calling us for the job as the smell can be overwhelming, and it can cause several diseases in humans. Further, for a few, watching rotting flesh can be stomach-churning. Call Pestly Pest Control Melbourne to get rid of the dead animal in the most effective and safest way.

    Removing dead animals can be challenging sometimes. Such desperate situations call for desperate measures. In certain scenarios, our technicians even cut through the floor, pull carpet or sheetrock to access the dead animal.

    Importance of Dead Animal Removal Services Melbourne

    Dead animals are real concerns for homeowners and business owners across Melbourne. A dead animal is more than just a mess, it can cause serious health issues in humans and the four-legged family member. So, as soon as you see a dead animal on your property, immediately call a dead animal removal company. The quicker you undergo disposal of dead animals, the better it is for the family members.

    Hygiene and Health issues

    Dead animals attract lots of bacteria and other harmful germs that can spread several infections and diseases. As the days pass by, the risk of getting ill increases due to the increase of germs and pathogens in the air. Thus, it is essential to call a dead animal removal company at the earliest.

    When you call Pestly Pest Control Melbourne, you get complete dead animal removal service from disposing of dead animals to sanitising the place.

    Odor and Eye Soar

    If the animal dies inside the house, then it can make the place nothing short of a nightmare. The smell would be unforgiving and overwhelming. Our team of dead animal removers safely removes the carcass, making the place hygienic and safe for all

    Increased Sightings of Wildlife

    A dead animal can attract other wildlife animals. A dead possum may not look like a health concern, but it may attract raccoons or other flesh-eating animals. Always call a dead animal removal Melbourne company at the first sight of a dead animal to ensure the safety of your loved ones.

    Increase Risk of Cross-Contamination.

    With the dead animal in your yard or home, it increases the chances of cross-infection. In case the animal has died because of H1N1, ASF, etc., it is essential to remove them from your yard at the earliest. Our technicians follow all the safety measures while performing dead animal removal services.

    Dead Animal Melbourne Services

    Dead Possum Removal

    A dead possum under the roof, within the ceiling or subflooring, can be a health hazard. It can spread an unbearable odour that stays within the house for several weeks. Sometimes, you can find the source, but many times it is difficult to track. So, call us and get rid of the dead possum from your house or office immediately.

    Dead Rodent Removal Service

    If you notice an unpleasant odour and cannot figure out what it would be. Chances are that it could be a dead rat or a mouse in your house. Dead rodents can leave a smell that can affect everyone for weeks.

    Our trained professionals can track down the source of the odour and carefully dispose of the dead rodent most hygienically.

    Dead Dog Removal

    Pestly Pest Control Melbourne offers dead dog removal services across Melbourne and its surroundings. We get most of the calls from the homeowner for removing dead stray dogs from their premises.

    Dead Cat Removal

    Cats tend to get stuck in highly uncomfortable places such as an attic, gaps between walls, etc. So, if you someday inhale a horrible smell in the house, it would be because of the dead animal in the house. Call us and get rid of the dead cat from your living or workspace.

    Dead Bird Removal

    Birds can cause several life-threatening diseases, making it essential to get rid of them immediately. If a bird has died due to H1N1 or other diseases, it can put the family at risk of catching the infection. Call us today and make your living space and work environment hygienic and clean.

    Dead Animal Removal from Residential Property

    If you are looking to remove a dead animal from your residential establishment, we can help you dispose of them. We offer residential dead animal removal services across Melbourne at the most affordable cost.

    Dead Animal Removal from Commercial Property

    Your workplace may also face dead animal issues such as a dead possum, dead rat, dead wild animal, etc. Get in touch with us to get superior commercial dead animal removal at a reasonable price.

    Same-Day Dead Animal Removal Service

    A dead animal needs to be removed as quickly as possible to reduce the chances of health issues in people. We offer same-day carcass removal services across Melbourne and its surrounding. Our dead animal removal costs are affordable to all the residents of Melbourne.

    We Offer the Following Things in Our Service

    Locate and remove the dead animal from the property.

    Disinfect and deodorize the affected area.

    Use commercial grade deodorizer bags for raccoons.

    Treat maggots, swamp, and other insects with a non-toxic water-based product.

    Getting rid of dead animals can be gut-churning. Thus, it is advised to leave this to the professionals. Call on z0480018318 to hire our professionals.

    Perks of Hiring Us

    Pestly Pest Control Melbourne is the leading pest control company and uses the best-in-class tools to remove dead animal in the most hygienic and clean way, even if they are stuck in inconvenient places.

    25 years of experience

    Fully licensed company

    Trained staff and cleaners

    Available 24×7, seven days a week

    Same day service

    Prompt and reliable service

    Handle all kinds of dead animals

    Guaranteed customer satisfaction


    1. How to get a dead possum out of the house?

    Dead possum can spread a lot of bacteria and illness-causing germs. Thus, it is advised to call professionals to get rid of the dead possum from the house. Call on 0480018318 to book our dead animal removal service. We also offer rodent control and wasp control services.

    2. Do professionals get rid of the unpleasant dead animal smell?

    Yes! Pestly Pest Control sprays disinfectant and industrial-grade deodorisers to eliminate the smell of dead animal.

    3. How to locate the source of the smell?

    One of the most common techniques used to find the source is the Sniff Test. But smelling a dead carcass can be stomach-churning. So, call a professional dead animal removal to quickly locate and remove dead animals.

    4. Is it essential to remove the dead animal from the house?

    Yes! The smell coming from anything dead can be unbearable, and if you do not remove the dead animal from the house, it might cause health issues among inhabitants. Call us today and get the dead animal removed from your establishment.

    5. What is the cost of removing dead animals?

    Pestly offers dead animal removal services at the lowest price. Want to know the price? Call on 0480018318 and ask for a free on-call quote.

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