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About Pestly Pest Control Melbourne

Pestly Pest Control is an experienced and licensed company that offers pest extermination services in and around Melbourne. In our company, we believe in eliminating dangerous pests without using too harsh chemicals. We have more than 20 years of experience. Our company has successfully made commercial and residential properties pest-free. With the right tools and strategies, our experts are able to eradicate pests such as birds, spiders, fleas, bed bugs, ants, possums, etc. We keep the prices in an affordable range. The booking is open 24/7 for everyone. Our contact number is 0480018318.

Our Approach

Pestly Pest Control Melbourne is a reliable name in the industry. We not only care for our customers but also focus on the safety of our environment. This is why we prefer a humane approach while tackling pest infestation. We try to relocate pests to a suitable location if possible. We avoid using methods like electric shocks or sticky tapes to catch birds and rodents. Instead of harsh chemicals, we use odourless and organic ways of pest control.

Serving Suburbs Near Melbourne

Many companies offer services in a big city like Melbourne. But, the experts at Pestly Pest Control Melbourne reach suburban areas to provide pest control treatments. People staying in places like Alexandra, Albert Park, Apollo Bay, Arcadia, and Ararat can hire our pest control Melbourne specialists. Our team would come and eliminate all the seasonal pests from a house or a workplace.

Licensed Pest Control Operator in Melbourne

You can trust Pestly Pest Control Melbourne blindly because we are a licensed and genuine company. We are in the market for a long time and have several clients across different commercial and residential sectors. Our company is well aware of the rules and regulations that the government has set for pest control companies.

Our experts are certified and experienced too. They have gone through an extensive training program. They have immense knowledge about pests. They deal with pests ethically. Our pest control Melbourne specialists save you from legal troubles by doing the work according to legislation.

The Services We Offer

Pestly Pest Control offers many services that are beneficial in controlling mild to severe pest infestation. Our services are efficient enough to remove pests like spiders, ants, bed bugs, fleas, birds, rats, bees, wasps, moths, etc. You can have a look at the services that we offer. If you feel that any of these services could be helpful to you, go ahead and contact us:

  • Ant control Melbourne

  • Silverfish control Melbourne

  • Bird control Melbourne

  • Flea control Melbourne

  • Spider control Melbourne

  • Wasp control Melbourne

  • Moth control Melbourne

  • Possum Removal Melbourne

  • Bee control Melbourne

  • Cockroach control Melbourne

  • Rodent control Melbourne

  • Bed bugs control Melbourne

  • Residential pest control Melbourne

  • Commercial pest control Melbourne

  • End of lease pest control

  • Dead animal removal Melbourne

  • Same day pest control Melbourne

Our Methodology

The services given in the list are executed in a systematic manner. To get the most out of our pest control treatment, we follow a few steps. In the first step, our professionals inspect the property and pest infestation. In the second step, the experts make a personalised pest control strategy. This treatment plan helps the entire team to work in the right direction.

Next, advanced pest control methods are used to exterminate pests. Fumigation, insecticide sprays, freezing temperature, heating temperature and insect growth regulators are used to control pests. The selection of an appropriate pest control method and products depends on the condition of pest infestation.

Our company never promotes inhumane methods of pest control. With less mess and damage, we try to remove the pests. Some protected pests like possums and some species of birds are even relocated to another place.

The experts at Pestly Pest Control leave bait on the property to enhance the effectiveness of pest control treatments. Our work does not stop here. We visit the treated site again to monitor the condition.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We never take a day off. Our company works tirelessly to serve the customers. You can contact us on any day and we would you the service. Firstly, we listen to your problems. Our professionals resolve your problems in a polite and professional manner. From the payment process to the pest control procedure, we explain everything to our customers. Our pricing policy, choice of products and choice of treatment are conveyed to clients. We maintain a healthy relation with our clients by ensuring transparency.

Cost-Effective Pest Control Treatments

Some people don’t book pest control services and rely on pest-repellent sprays available in the market. Yes, pricing is a deciding factor for many people. They don’t want to spend money on pest control. But, booking pest control service is actually an investment. At Pestly Pest Control Melbourne, we offer pest control solutions at reasonable prices. Our experts speak with the client and provide them with an instant quote. We determine the final price according to several factors such as property size, the severity of pest infestation, damage caused by pests, number of pests, pest species, etc.

Eco-Friendly and Health-Friendly Pest Control

Some people are allergic to harsh chemicals. Their skin and the respiratory system can’t tolerate the harshness of pesticides. The fumes and odour of the chemicals pollute the air even more. To prevent the side effects of pesticides on the environment and human health, our experts spray or dust odourless and hypoallergenic pesticides. Wherever possible, our professionals use organic pesticides and non-chemical methods like freezing method and heating treatment to kill pests without using dangerous products.

You Can Hire Us On The Same Day!

You can hire our pest control Melbourne team on any day you want. Even on the same day. If you have noticed signs of pest infestation, feel free to contact us. Our company would send the specialists to your office or home within a few hours. This perk of emergency or same-day booking has helped many people in controlling pest infestation at an initial stage.

Hassle-Free and 24/7 Service Booking

We have made it very easy for our customers to book the service. You just need to fill in some basic details like name, email, phone number, postcode, and service name in the contact form. You would get a response from our customer care team within a few minutes. If you have any doubts and need answers to your queries, you can contact us through phone number. The booking is online and can be done 24/7. There is no need to wait for a particular day or time.

Customised Pest Control Treatments

Spiders, wasps, bees, ants, birds, rodents and many other pests not only harm personal belongings but cause some serious diseases. There are many differences between different pest species. Different pests have different behaviour, food habits, nesting style, etc. It is not possible for an untrained person to eliminate pests without having in-depth knowledge about pest infestation. Now, here comes the role of our experts. They conduct a thorough inspection and make sure that no corner is left unchecked. They find breeding places, nests, entry points, food sources and much more. They make a personalised plan for every property and obtain the perfect outcome.

We are Helping Businesses!

Pestly Pest Control Melbourne is an established name in the industry. Owners of commercial properties such as schools, day-care centres, hospitals, warehouses factories, offices, malls, restaurants and shops hire our specialists for pest control.

It is risky for customers and employees to stay near pests. Ants, rodents and cockroaches lead to food contamination while bed bugs hide inside the sofas and spread blood infections. These health concerns cannot be neglected. We have designed our commercial pest control service in such a manner that all the pests are removed quickly from the property. Also, the price of the package is quite affordable.

We are Helping Businesses!

Go-to Destination for Dead Animal Removal Service

If any person living in Melbourne finds a dead animal in the city, contact us. Our team would reach both residential and commercial properties to remove the remains of a dead animal. Foxes, dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, and birds are some animals that we can remove from a property.

Our Reliable Pest Control Service for Residences

We specialise in providing high-quality services to residential property owners. We reach literally every corner of the house to find and kill pests. Mattresses, kitchen cabinets, bed boxes, carpets, baskets, bookshelves, bathrooms, gardens and every possible place are checked by our pest control Melbourne team. We give instructions that must be followed by the customers before and after the pest control treatments. These instructions prevent the risks like injury or allergies. The house residents are not required to leave the place for many days. After a few hours, it is safe to enter the residence.

Excellent Customer Care Team

The customer care executives at Pestly Pest Control Melbourne offer the best possible assistance to all our clients. If anyone has a complaint or query related to service or payment, our team is always there to help. We are quick, helpful, polite and friendly.

Are you looking for genuine and affordable pest control services? Then, you have come to the right place. Pestly Pest Control Melbourne is an ideal choice for pest control treatments. There are some key benefits that set us apart from others. You can call us today and book the treatment that you need.

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