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    Commercial Pest Control Melbourne

    Imagine, entering your office one fine morning, to see your important files and papers lying in a torn and chewed condition? Or the furniture in your office being eaten by termites? Yes, that could be a reality if you do not take any action against the pests that are driving everyone insane. Not to mention, also spoiling your reputation in the market. At Pestly Pest Control Melbourne we strive to protect businesses and commercial establishments in Melbourne of the troublesome pests. The presence of pests can have a negative effect on the health of your employees, while also the safety of the establishment’s structure.  Our services are available for different businesses and commercial buildings. Our pest control and management plans are fool proof and impactful. The licensed and certified pest control professionals are trained to successfully treat pests from commercial establishments with a range of pest control techniques. Commercial pest control techniques are designed keeping in mind the highest safety standards laid down by relevant authorities in Australia.

    We Pestly Pest Control Melbourne work hard to provide tailor-made solutions for protecting your business constructions and offices free of pests. You can approach us irrespective of the size of the business or the type of the pests that have infested your commercial property. We strive to secure your business and prevent contamination of your products and immovable assets that are invaluable. We are there to protect your commercial properties from the menace of ants, termites, cockroaches, rodents, and bedbugs. Call us on 0480018318 or fill in your details on our website and you would receive a call back.

    Benefits of Commercial Pest Control Melbourne

    1. Your cleaning staff is just not enough to deal with any pest infestation that has started developing in your office. The professional pest control technicians and their team know better. They are equipped with superior tools and technology for correct identification of the pest that has infiltrated your spaces. And then figure out the most appropriate pest control management methods for removing it completely.

    2. Commercial pest control technicians in Melbourne are experts in dealing with the pest situation at hand. They know the exact proportions of the chemicals to be used which is enough for killing the pests and also does not induce harm to the environment or the furniture.

    3. Pests such as cockroaches, bedbugs, mosquitoes, ants cause major discomfort to anyone. They are also at times carriers and spreaders of diseases. Commercial pest control that is carried out by professional experts helps curbs this spread of diseases among your staff, employees, visitors, and people interacting with the business. Hence, to limit the unhygienic environment it is imperative to consult professional pest control specialists and let them handle the situation with their expertise.

    4. Accurate identification and treatment of pests lurking in the office and industrial area would not cost you much. The treatment costs and expenditures incurred would be definitely lesser than if you would be required to renovate the entire office area or business area if the damage gets way out of hand.

    Commercial Pest Control Process Melbourne

    1. The commercial property viz. the office is checked for the exact pest/s that has infested the space. This process is important for determining the pest/s. Improper identification would just lead to usage of wrong resources and time.

    2. The technicians then determine the correct ratio of chemicals and solutions to be mixed for the pest control process. The application is done on the structures, floors, subflooring, walls, ceilings, etc. Owing to the size of the establishment, the quantities may vary. And the time taken for the process is higher too.

    3. Post the pest control process, we are more than happy to schedule follow-ups to check the efficacy of the work done and if any more treatments are required.

    4. The pest control company also issues you a receipt and a document mentioning all the chemicals used for pest control along with their findings.

    Services we offer.

    Commercial Pest Control

    Industrial Pest Control

    Termites Control

    Bees & Wasps Removal

    Rodent Control

    Bird Nesting Control

    Ants Control

    Spider Control

    Cockroaches Removal

    Why Choose Us?

    Pestly Pest Control Melbourne is the unrivalled commercial pest control provider in Melbourne. The reasons listed ahead are the factors that have given us the robust popularity that we enjoy here in Melbourne:

    1. We have developed tried and tested pest control techniques needed for commercial and residential pest control.

    2. Our exterminators have certifications of the authorities in Australia.

    3. The products that we use are supreme quality and cause no threat to the people or the planet.

    4. The pest control technicians hired by us are specialists in their fields.

    5. We provide same day services to businesses and commercial establishments.


    1. What are the business areas that you cater to in Melbourne?

    We, at Pestly Pest Control provide commercial pest control Melbourne to hotels, offices,

    factories, hospitals, clinics, warehouses, airports, local and state government facilities and many more.

    2. Do my employees need to be given an off the day you work on our space?

    No, we function on weekends and public holidays too. In no way do we hinder the employees work and their productivity. Hence, we would come and do the pest control on the weekend for you.

    3. We are a small start-up needing pest control services. Would you do the pest control for us?

    Yes, of course. No business is small or large for us! We at Pestly Pest Control Melbourne strive to provide efficient pest control services to all types of businesses.

    4. Do you provide same day or emergency pest control services to businesses in Melbourne?

    Yes, we do provide same day or emergency pest control services to businesses as per their requirement. Get in touch with us for your appointment now.

    5. Will your pest control chemicals harm my employees or staff?

    No. Our pest control agents and chemicals are industry-approved. They have been tried and tested and implemented after extensive research.

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