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    Worried about cockroaches living in the house? Get in touch with Pestly Pest Control Melbourne for exemplary cockroach inspection and removal services on the very same day. We are an industry leader and authorized company providing outstanding pest control services all across Melbourne. Our premium quality of services has helped us in bagging several awards.

    Cockroaches thrive at night and are mostly found in residential and commercial places. But, if you can spot cockroaches roaming around in the daytime, consider it a sign of severe infestation. Hiring professionals for cockroach control Melbourne should be your priority. Cockroach eradication is necessary as they spread diseases and contaminate the surrounding. For great peace of mind and prevention of your loved ones from getting sick, get in touch with Pestly Pest Control MelbourneOur professionals use effective strategies for pest control while helping in creating a safe and hygienic place to live in.

    Pestly Pest Control Melbourne’s Approach to Pest Control

    We provide numerous solutions for cockroach control Melbourne. All our approaches give desirable results and eliminate the presence of cockroaches on your premises. Find out about the various items used for controlling cockroach infestation:

    Use of Growth Regulators: We use regulators for preventing the growth and development of cockroaches in the house. Regulators are effective in preventing cockroach infestation.

    Use of Chemical Sprays: Cockroaches are eradicated by using several variants of chemicals. For the customer’s safety, we make sure to use eco-friendly and safe products so you don’t experience any side effects.

    Use of Pheromones Trap: Among our safe and effective methods lies the usage of pheromones traps. These traps capture the cockroaches and keep them in captivity.

    Use of Dust: For cockroach control, we use chemical dust that is sprinkled everywhere, and helps in killing cockroaches.

    Application of Pyrethrum Gas: Our team evacuates the house and applies pyrethrum gas that helps in the direct elimination of cockroaches. The use of this gas is considered the best and most effective.

    Diseases caused by Cockroaches

    Because of their habit of thriving in dirty places, roaches are a carrier of numerous disease-causing germs and pathogens that can quickly be transmitted to humans if they ingest food contaminated by cockroaches or get exposed to surfaces where they must have crawled through. You must call cockroach pest control Melbourne experts right away if you wish to protect yourself and your loved ones from severe health hazards. Listed below are numerous diseases that can be caused by cockroach infestation:

    E.coli Infections – Mostly found in our guts, E.coli infection can result in severe food poisoning.

    Salmonellosis – This is a common disease caused by cockroaches. Its symptoms are also similar to food poisoning.

    Typhoid Fever – Roaches get this disease by devouring on feces infected with the bacterium Salmonella typhi. It is an extremely infectious disease and if you have been exposed to it, you must seek immediate medical help.

    Cholera – Caused by the bacterium Vibrio cholera, you can easily get exposed to this infection if you ingest food or water contaminated by these nasty critters.

    Cockroach pest control Melbourne experts can help you easily get rid of these annoying creatures from your property making sure your health remains uncompromised.

    Melbourne’s Best Cockroach Eradication Services

    Appoint Pestly Pest Control Melbourne for unbeatable pest control services, and witness our expertise.

    Same-day and Emergency services available 24×7

    Use of Eco-friendly products for the treatment

    Trained and qualified team of professionals

    Instant response and quick services

    Call Pestly Pest Control Melbourne at just the sight of a single cockroach. Our team of experts arrives immediately for performing cockroach control Melbourne. We eradicate cockroaches from your premises using our tools and chemicals. Feel free in contacting us for emergencies as well!

    Signs of Cockroach Infestation

    Identifying cockroach infestation is quite easy as these insects leave a trail of signs in homes and workplaces. To prevention of the premise from getting infested by cockroaches, early detection is necessary. Read the pointers below to understand:

    Egg Capsules:

    Cockroach eggs are collectively attached and can be spotted in dark and damp corners like cupboards, garbage bins, drains, and so on.

    Live Cockroaches:

    Live cockroaches can be witnessed during nighttime. They can be easily found in kitchens and bathrooms.

    Skin Shedding:

    Every cockroach shed its skin over 6 times in its overall lifespan. You can look for shed skin in the dark and unreachable corners of your house. Spotting shed skin in the early-stage helps in preventing further infestation.

    Cockroach Droppings:

    Cockroaches leave a trail of droppings wherever they roam. These droppings resemble coffee in ground form.

    Why is Cockroach Eradication Necessary?

    Cockroaches bring along the baggage of disease-causing germs and bacteria. People often become the victim of chronic disease and skin allergies because of the cockroach infestation. Hence, cockroaches must be eradicated.

    The presence of cockroaches in the kitchen is too risky for your health as the feces of cockroaches contaminate food and water. Feel free in availing professional help from Pestly Pest Control Melbourne.

    Cockroaches roaming around the toilet seat are extremely unhygienic. In extreme situations like this, seek professional pest control services immediately and get the whole building treated.

    The corners of the buildings are often the most common hiding spots of the cockroaches. As our professionals have immense knowledge about the behavior of these insects, we treat all vulnerable spots while performing cockroach control Melbourne.

    Preventive Measures for Cockroach Infestation

    Preventing cockroach infestation isn’t a difficult task; it just needs to be cleaned regularly. Read more about the preventive measure that keeps cockroaches at bay.

    Clean Leftover Food particles

    Cockroaches feed on leftover food and drinks. Make sure to clean your kitchen and eating area every night. Adopt a habit of cleaning your kitchen area using effective cleaning products. Never leave food unattended for a long time, store it in a sealed container. Keep fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator.

    Garbage Maintenance

    Avoid dropping food and wrappers around the garbage bins. Cockroaches can survive at the bottom and inside the trash cans for a long time. Here, for avoiding cockroach infestation develop a habit of cleaning the garbage bins thoroughly after certain intervals.

    Drains and Pipes Maintenance

    Pipes and drains are a great traveling source for cockroaches. In such situations, it is necessary to keep a check on the cracks and holes in the pipes to restrict cockroaches from entering your house. Seek professional help from Pestly Pest Control Melbourne for cockroach control.

    6 Home Remedies to Control Roaches in Your House

    Has a family of cockroaches made your home, its own? Are roaches literally ruling all over your house? Have they infested your existence and well, the food items in your refrigerator with all their cockroach-ness?

    If you agree to even one of the above-mentioned statements, you need to take quick steps and regain the reins of your house, into your own hands.

    Here are 6 simple tips to keep your life and house cockroach pest control in Melbourne.

    1. Keep a Clean Kitchen:

    This is a necessary tip everyone needs to follow in your day-to-day life. Cockroach droppings, saliva, and decomposing body parts consist of allergens that can worsen their symptoms in sufferers. Keep a meticulously clean kitchen to cut off cockroach food sources and other pests, store food in airtight containers, and do not leave behind pet food.

    2. Cockroach Controlwith Soap: 

    It is something like pouring soap water on cockroaches that can haunt them. Spraying a mixture of soap and water creates blockages in their pores and kills them right away. If you do not want to kill them, you can use the below cockroach treatment simply to keep them away.

    3. Lemon for Cockroach Pest Control:

    Do you know that this citric does wonders for your health? However, it undoubtedly isn’t a friend of the cockroach clan. The lemon smell repels cockroach to a majorly and helps cockroach control from areas where there’s the reek of the fruit. Therefore, it is recommendable to mop floors with water that has a few lemon drops in it.

    4. Pepper, Onion and Garlic solution:

    Freely available in almost every kitchen, a combination of these three items is bound to horrify the cockroaches dwelling in the nooks and crannies of your house. What you have to do is, simply crush a clove of garlic and cut half an onion in a bowl, and place the bowl by adding some pepper and water to the mixture. Apply the mixture on the counter mop and wipe down the counter at night before shutting off the kitchen, because roaches mostly roam in your house during night time.

    5. Cockroach Removalwith Listerine:

    If Listerine makes you feel the way it does, imagine what it could do to those tiny (or not so tiny) cockroaches. We suggest you mix Listerine with some soap water. This will help you prepare the ultimate weapon of mass cockroach destruction.

    6. Cockroach treatmentwith Cucumber

    If the previously mentioned tricks are way too monotonous for you- we would suggest you simply go ahead and have a cucumber. Now you will wonder- “How is that going to kill cockroaches?” we almost imagined you saying it. To which our answer would be- cockroaches do not like the smell of cucumbers, therefore keeping their slices or peels on kitchen counters will make sure their absence from your house.

    Thus, if you find any evidence of cockroaches or other pests in your home, call our professionals right away to get quality cockroach pest control Melbourne, ant control Melbourne and rodent control Melbourne services.

    Frequently Asked Questions at Pestly Pest Control Melbourne

    1. Where do cockroaches usually hide?

    The usual hiding spots of cockroaches are garbage bins, pantry, kitchen, bathroom, and many more.

    2. How regularly should commercial places avail cockroach control services?

    Pestly Pest Control Melbourne recommends availing cockroach control services at least once a year for both residential and commercial clients.

    3. Is cockroach bait effective?

    Yes. When cockroach baits are placed strategically it gives desirable results.

    4. Do I need to clean my storage spaces for cockroach control Melbourne?

    Yes. Storage spaces need to be cleaned, so cockroaches don’t find hiding spots during the treatment.

    5. How affordable are your services?

    At, Pestly Pest Control Melbourne all our services are affordable. We provide a cost estimate after inspection of the cockroach infestation in the property.

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