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    Rodents may look innocent and harmless but they cause major destruction and harm to health. One must take immediate steps to get rid of these pests. Having rodents at home or office means signs of distractions and mess. Rodents can make your place dirty and containment. To get rid of these annoying and troublesome pests, you need a reliable and effective pest control service provider.

    Pestly Pest Control Melbourne provides the best rodent control in Melbourne. With years of experience and technical support, we have been controlling pests in all types of sites for years. You can call us for any type of site’s pest control including commercial and residential sites. Our professionals are certified and qualified to eliminate pests in Melbourne.

    Connect with our staff now and be worry-free. You can avail of our emergency or same-day rodent control services in Melbourne. For this, you just need to call us and our team will guide you further. You can also get a free quotation over the first call.

    Why Rodents are Dangerous for Humans?

    Rodents are considered dangerous because of the damage they cause to property and health. These pests give birth to a number of young ones at one time. This rapid increase in the rodent population becomes a serious issue. Rodent control Melbourne services protect you from the following harms:

    Property Destruction

    Rodents are burrowing animals and cause significant damage to appliances, structures, utilities, furniture, and vehicles. They may cause fire by chewing or biting electrical cables.

    Food Contamination

    After eating your food they may leave contaminated food, stool, hair and urine. Every year, both commercial and residential property owners face loss because of rodents such as rats and mice. Because of food contamination, people suffer from several health problems as well.

    Serious Health Damage

    Rodents may cause bubonic plague, Typhus, Hantavirus, infectious jaundice, Trichinosis, Leptospirosis, Salmonellosis, rat-bite fever, and Pulmonary fever. The pathogens and tiny parasites that clung to the rodents spread these diseases in a house or office.

    By hiring our pest control experts for rodent control in Melbourne, you will get rid of these destructive pests. By eliminating rodents from your place, you will not have to face the above-mentioned threats. So, call us now and book our exclusive services. You can book for the same day or emergency rodent control in Melbourne too. Just connect with our staff and get rid of these pests as soon as possible.

    How to Recognise Rodent Infestation?

    Are you unable to identify rodent infestation? For your assistance, we have listed some important and easy-to-recognize indicators of rodent infestation. You can look for them and ask Pestly Pest Control Melbourne to treat the problem.

    • Rodents can travel in dirt, mud, or dust. Sometimes the rat’s tail can leave traces of mud around the area. The mouse’s trajectory can be easily traced even on a dusty surface.
    • The rat follows the same route every day while traveling in search of food. In the meantime, rats leave traces of runways 50 mm wide, mostly on grass and soil, next to fences and buildings.
    • Rats continue to chew everything that comes across incisors. If there is a hole in the ceiling, wall, by way of the floor, under or behind a cupboard, in a bathtub, on a counter, etc., then a rat may have a hole in it. Rat is an expert in digger diggers that can be seen along walls, grooves, fences, piles of wood, lower plants, or concrete slabs.
    • Their urine stains can be easily traced under the light. In poorly ventilated rooms, the smell of rat urine is easy to identify.
    • The fur of the oily skin of rats can leave grease marks on various surfaces.
    • Rat’s Nest can be easily found on your roof, utility closet, basement, or garage. They are made of sculpted paper, so they look like loosely woven balls.
    • The rat is not visible in the dark, but the presence of the rat can be easily felt from the sound made in the dark.

    If you have spotted any of these signs then call us immediately for the best rodent control in Melbourne. We have advanced methods and high-tech tools that can easily make your place pest-free. Do not worry; we are here to make your place healthier and hygienic. Connect with our team7 now to know more.

    Why Hire Us?

    If you are searching for a reliable, quick, and affordable rodent control service, then we could provide you with the same. Pestly Pest Control Melbourne is a well-established company that is preferred by both commercial and residential property owners. We visit every corner of the city and work hard to ensure customer satisfaction. From same day booking to instant quote, our company tries to provide maximum possible benefits to our clients. Have a look at some of our key specialties:

    • 24/7 availability for emergency and the same day pest control services
    • Open on all days of the year including weekends and public holidays
    • Excellent customer support system
    • Effective methods and techniques for rodent control in Melbourne
    • Completely safe and eco-friendly chemicals
    • Professionally trained and certified local pest controllers

    How do We Remove Rodents from a Property?

    Experienced professionals at Pestly Pest Control Melbourne follow a systematic approach while eradicating rodents. The team assures 100% customer satisfaction by implementing every step perfectly. Go through the following steps and call us if you want rodent control service:

    Examination of the Property

    When you call Pestly Pest Control regarding a rat infestation, one of our trained pest management professionals will come to your home for a thorough examination. During the assessment, they will determine the type of rodent, the degree of the problem, rat nests, and the degree of property damage.

    Preparation of a Customised Plan

    Depending on the inspection findings, we will develop a customized pest treatment plan to restore the health of your surroundings. The treatment strategy will contain the method of rat elimination, the intended outcome of the treatment, the procedure timetable, and any guidelines for the property’s occupants.

    Before we start the rodent treatment in Melbourne, we will also discuss the treatment strategy with you.

    Rodent Extermination

    Our exterminator professionals will carry out the operation as specified in the strategy. We frequently employ a combination of methods such as various forms of traps, glue boards, rodenticides, fumigation, bristle strips, and others.

    We prefer to provide non-chemical effective treatments because we value our clients, their families, and the environment. Ultrasonic devices, electromagnetic waves, and freezing treatments are considered non-chemical ways of rodent removal.

    Follow-Up Visit

    Our team assesses the property again after the treatment. We visit the place after 3-4 days to see the outcome.

    Rodent Control Treatment for Residences

    If you have kids or pets at home, then you could rely on Pestly Pest Control Melbourne. We provide the safest possible treatment for homes. Even asthma patients find our service safe. We would make use of odorless and hypoallergenic pesticides to ensure everyone’s safety. We would control mice and rats with help of modern strategies. To hire us, you can get in touch with our team.

    Rodent Control Service for Commercial Buildings

    Rodents pose a serious threat to the health of the employees and customers in a commercial building. It is unsafe to have rodents in a hotel, hospital, office, school, or factory. The rodent control Melbourne team in our company is trained and knows how to remove rodents without harming human health. Our services help professionals in preventing the destruction that could be done by rodents. If you want our help with rodent removal in a commercial place, make an appointment today!

    Dead Rodent Removal Service in Melbourne

    Looking at a dead rodent body is always an unpleasant sight. But, it is common for rodents to die on a property. Some rodents die naturally while some rodents are attacked by a big animals. The smell released during the decomposition process could be unbearable for humans. The germs and parasites also spread everywhere from the rodent body. Infections are spread because of dead rodents. Pestly Pest Control Melbourne not only exterminates rodents but also sanitizes the place after the disposal of rodents.

    Budget-Friendly Rodent Control Service

    Rodent control Melbourne is an essential service that every property owner should book at least once a year. To make it feasible for you to hire specialists, we have kept the prices in an affordable range. With no hidden charges, our price remains reasonable for our clients. If you want a quote for the service, don’t hesitate in contacting us. We would listen to your requirements and provide you with a suitable quote.

    Follow Our Tips to Prevent Rodents

    Severe rodent infestation is difficult to treat. But, you would stop the infestation by preventing this problem altogether. You could follow some preventive measures to repel rodents. Check out rodent prevention tips:

    • You can plant mint in your garden. The scent of mint would repel rodents.
    • You could purchase an ultrasonic device that is meant to remove rodents.
    • Keep your home or office uncluttered and clean.
    • Restrict the entry of rodents by sealing up the holes and cracks in walls, doors, and windows.
    • The kitchen should be clean all the time. Food packages must be stored in sealed containers.
    • Keep your garden clean so that rodents don’t get access to fruits and nesting materials.

    If you are not able to control rodents, contact Pestly Pest Control Melbourne. Our experts would be there to help you with advanced methods.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Rodent Control

    1. Can I hire professionals for removing dead rats?

    Yes. Even dead rays may cause a threat to your health and overall hygiene. That is why it is always advisable to take professional help while removing dead rats or rodents.

    2. Why get rid of rodents?

    Rodents are destructive and may cause many dangerous damages. They may contain your food and damage electrical appliances by chewing the wires, this may lead to a fire.

    3. Can I get rid of rodents in a day?

    By hiring professionals you can easily get rid of rodents. We offer the same day or emergency rodent control in Melbourne. Get in touch with our team for the same day service booking.

    4. How to identify rodents in the house?

    Rodents leave many signs like muddy traces, hair, dead rats and so on. These signs are easy to detect.

    5. Is rodent control costly?

    No. We at Pestly Pest Control Melbourne offer affordable services. You can ask for a free quotation over the phone to get an idea of our pricing.

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