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    How Silverfish are Dangerous for Humans?

    Silverfish are scary pests that can fly for their defense. Catching them is difficult and you may end up getting injured. Silverfish have rapid movement and can hide anywhere even in smaller gaps and cracks. These pests can have a dangerous impact on humans and availing silverfish control Melbourne is crucial:

    Silverfish hides throughout the day and thrives during nighttime. Getting a hold of these pests is quite challenging, as they hide instantly when feeling attacked. Silverfish can be spotted around food sources.

    Availing services for silverfish control Melbourne is necessary as they destroy clothes, books, food, and even wallpapers. Silverfish are known for feeding on starch, fibers, and glue from different sources. Wherever these pests feed they leave behind yellowish tiny holes that damage the material. The presence of silverfish can trigger asthma and cause allergies.

    Moreover, silverfish can damage wallpapers, ceilings, and walls while living inside them for a long time. Many a time these pests become food to spiders and cockroaches that spreads even more bacteria and diseases. Hence hiring Pestly Pest Control Melbourne is a must for all residents.

    Signs for Recognizing Silverfish Infestation

    Silverfish thrives in the night, but detecting their presence is difficult. Here we have mentioned some signs that indicate silverfish infestation on the property.

    Shed Skins and Droppings: Silverfish shed skin and droppings resemble pepper spice. So, when you notice such pepper-like droppings in your house consider it a sign of silverfish intervention.

    Holes and Gaps: These pests can dig up holes in the walls and wallpapers. If you come across such holes or gaps in your walls there may be silverfish residing in your premises.

    Discoloration and Spots: Silverfish leaves yellowish stains wherever they feed. You may notice discoloration on clothes, wallpapers, or books.

    Moisture Built-up: Moist and damp areas are the best spots for silverfish. Usually, places like sinks and bathrooms are the places where silverfish infestation occurs.

    Pile of Clothes: These pests feed on linen, silk, and other fabrics. So, when you notice the signs of a silverfish infestation, consider checking your closet and wardrobe once.

    Inspection of Places with Glue: Silverfish loves feeding on glue, and there are items in our household that contain glue. You may find silverfish on furniture, books, stationery items, and toys.

    Paper Boxes: Silverfish can be commonly found in paper boxes, books, newspapers, or magazines. In such cases, locating and performing silverfish control Melbourne becomes easy.

    How to Eradicate Silverfish Infestation?

    By following these process and effective silverfish control Melbourne can be performed:

    Avoid Moisture Built-up:

    Silverfish loves humid and damp places, but if you can prevent moisture from built-up at your premises it may give desirable results. For assuring a moisture-free home, you can check for pipe leakages, use dehumidifiers and maintain proper ventilation at home.

    Vacuum cleaning:

    Regular use of vacuum cleaners helps in extracting pests from cracks and gaps of the walls. You can also hire Pestly Pest Control Melbourne for silverfish inspection.

    Proper Food Storage:

    Silverfish feed on food with starch, therefore it is necessary to store food properly for avoiding pest infestation.


    Moisture attracts silverfish and drying up items like clothing, and books in the sunlight can protect them.

    Use Chemicals for Pest Control

    Using borate-based dust and sprays is effective in eradicating pests like silverfish from your premises.

    For better services, contact Pestly Pest Control Melbourne. Our professionals provide expert services, and prevention tips at affordable prices. Give us a call on 0480018318 and get a quote free!

    Preventive Measures for Silverfish Control Melbourne

    Use of Silverfish Spray:

    Using chemical sprays in silverfish-infested areas helps in getting rid of these pests. Apply the spray in the kitchen, storage areas, and damp places, and let the spray dry out. Ensure your pet or kids are in a safe place first.

    Use Cyber WP:

    The use of chemical dust is also effective in eliminating pests. Cyber WP is chemical dust that can be spotted on dark surfaces, make sure to apply it on the source points and infested corners generously.

    Pest Baits:

    Silverfish get attracted to the pest baits. Consumption of baits leads to the instant death of silverfish. Hence, Pestly Pest Control Melbourne suggests locals try placing baits before availing of professional services for silverfish control Melbourne.

    Feel free in using these tips for eliminating silverfish infestation in your house. But, in case these methods seem inadequate, rely on Pestly Pest Control Melbourne. Our team of experienced professionals eradicates every kind of pest safely and properly.

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    Pestly Pest Control Melbourne’s Easy Tips for Silverfish Controlling

    Following some easy and simple tips can help in eradicating silverfish from your property. And, these include:

    Avoid leaving paper piles unattended for a long time

    Clean your storage spaces regularly.

    Repair any cracks or gaps in the walls or floorings.

    Use air-tight containers for storing food.

    Seek professional assistance from Pestly Pest Control Melbourne for pest control.

    Frequently Asked Questions at Pestly Pest Control Melbourne

    1. What are the common places where silverfish hides?

    Silverfish can hide anywhere in the minute cracks and gaps of the flooring or walls. Rely on Pestly Pest Control Melbourne for quick inspection and treatment of silverfish.

    2. Is it safer to remain outside during silverfish control treatment?

    Yes. Our team of Pestly Pest Control Melbourne suggests residents evacuate the property for silverfish control Melbourne. Especially the kids and pets should move to a safer place.

    3. Are you available on weekends?

    Yes. Our services remain open on weekends and public holidays as well. Feel free in reaching out to us anytime you want.

    4. How expensive is availing the services of silverfish control Melbourne?

    At, Pestly Pest Control Melbourne all our services are reasonably priced. Feel free in contacting our professionals for expert recommendations and a quote.

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