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    Best Pest Control Service Provider in Windsor

    At Pestly Pest Control Melbourne, we use an integrated pest management approach and we efficiently remove pests from your property by tracking, inspecting, and preventing a wide range of seasonal pests from entering and destroying your home or business.

    Our licenced pest control Windsor experts assess current pest activities and harborages before treating them with safe, industry-approved treatments.

    In places where pests will be present, our highly qualified personnel will employ the right products available to their full capacity.

    Lures, chemicals, liquid residuals, fog treatments, and manual pest control are all used to develop a treatment plan that is sure to fit your Windsor home or company.

    All our pest control experts in Windsor are highly skilled and have more than 25 years of experience in providing effective pest control solutions. With access to cutting-edge technologies and essential tools, we make sure to eradicate pesky critters from your premises even from hard-to-reach places. So, if you wish to get rid of pests from your house or workplace all you have to do is reach out to Pestly Pest Control and we will take care of the rest.

    Advanced equipment and profound knowledge about pests and their behaviour make us well-adept in quickly eliminating these pesky creatures from your property in a quick manner. At Pestly Pest Control Windsor, we are completely customer-centric and value the safety of our clients over anything else. To make sure you and your loved ones stay safe we only make use of eco-friendly and industry-approved pest control chemicals and methods to remove pests from your property.

    All our pest control solutions are highly effective on nasty critters yet safe for you and your loved ones. In rare cases, you may be required to empty the place for a brief period but after some time your property will be completely safe to occupy.  So, if you are looking for affordable and reliable pest control Windsor services then call us right away and make your house or commercial space healthy, safe and free of pests.

    What Are The Risks Of Having Pest Infestation On Your Property?

    If infested in your house or workplace, pesky pests can cause several health hazards whether you notice them or not. These health risks comprise severe allergies caused by stings and pest bites. Other than allergies, these nasty critters are also capable of causing serious diseases caused by being exposed to their feces and prick wounds. Different pests have different types of risks associated with them.

    Some are also capable of causing heavy structural and property damage. That is why it is better to address such issues as soon as they come to light and call professional pest control Windsor services quickly. Let us look at a few hazardous risks and effects caused by pest infestation on your property:

    Allergies And Infections

    Most of the species of rodents and insects are capable of inducing severe allergic reactions, and can cause, or even worsen respiratory disorders as well. Further, these creatures can trigger allergies without being in actual contact. Their very existence in your ductwork system or wall cavity can pose a threat to your health and that of your loved ones. Listed below are a few pests that have the potential to cause severe allergies and respiratory issues:


    Mice and rats leave excreta, hair and dander that induce allergies. You can breathe in aerosolized particles, which provoke an immune reaction and relevant allergies.


    Roaches also leave feces; regardless, their slobber, and even rotted carcasses, can incite allergies. That is why roach infestation in your house or workplace can have lasting effects, even after their elimination, since their carcass present in the drywall or cavities can still generate allergens if not sanitized and cleared thoroughly.


    Termites, also known as white ants induce allergies by circulating dust all over the air in your house or workplace.

    These are a few out of many pests that can trigger severe allergic reactions. Reaching out to pest control Windsor services immediately as soon as you notice the presence of these creatures inside your house or commercial space can save you from life-threatening allergic reactions and health issues.

    Property Damage

    Pests such as silverfish, termites and rodents can cause heavy property damage and can also weaken the integrity of several structural installations. Termites and silverfish love to devour wooden and timber structures. Hard to notice, these pests can severely damage your precious hardwood and other wooden furnishings by the time you become aware of their presence. Coming on to rodents, these annoying critters tend to chew and gnaw on almost anything that comes to their sight.

    From important documents, furniture, expensive clothes to plastic and electric wires, these pesky creatures can chew and nibble on anything and cause damage to a great extent. If you notice the signs of these pests in your property then quickly get in touch with our pest control Windsor professionals. With years of practice, our licenced pest control experts at Pestly Pest Control can quickly eliminate the presence of these pests and save you from spending thousands of dollars on heavy repair costs.

    Our Unique Pest Control Windsor Process



    At Pestly Pest Control Windsor, our trained pest control experts follow a thorough process to control the infestation to a great degree. Listed below is the process followed by our pest control Windsor specialists:

    Thorough Inspection

    Before initiating the actual pest control Windsor procedure, our pest control experts execute a detailed inspection of your house or workplace. This inspection helps us in evaluating the extent of damage that your property has suffered and the intensity of the infestation. A thorough assessment helps us in deciding the most suitable plan of action to eradicate the pests from your property.

    Pest Control Plan

    After the inspection is completed, our pest control Windsor professionals design a tailor-made pest control strategy that best fits your needs. We at Pestly Pest Control Windsor are adept at providing the finest pest extermination and control methods in Windsor and its surrounding areas. . Our non-toxic pesticides and industrial-grade technology help us in controlling pest infestation of any extent and kind. Our pest control professionals at Pestly Pest Control Windsor offer steadfast pest control assistance to your Windsor property. The entire procedure is discussed with the client before the pest removal starts.

    Extermination Of Pests

    Our pest control Windsor specialists only employ solutions and chemicals that are completely safe and hypoallergenic. Depending on the kind of infestation, we choose the best chemical that will completely eradicate these pesky critters from your place as quickly as possible. A combination of other treatment procedures and techniques is used based on the extent of the infestation. When you schedule our pest control Windsor services, you can be ensured that your property will be entirely free of pests and safe to settle in within a quick time.


    After the pest elimination is completed, we will perform a final assessment of your place to make sure there are no pests hidden somewhere else which can cause future troubles. Then using a safe disinfectant, we will sanitize the entire area making sure all the pathogens and viruses have been removed and your health remains uncompromised.

    So, if you are looking for a reliable pest control Windsor service, reach out to Pestly Pest Control Windsor today and get rid of pesky critters within the very day of your booking. We are a renowned pest control service provider in Windsor and provide effective services at reasonable prices.

    Why Hire Us?

    At Pestly Pest Control Windsor we strive to provide a healthy and pest-free setting to all our clients. We have earned the reputation of delivering high-quality pest control Red Windsor services at an affordable price to both business and residential settings in Red Windsor and its neighbouring areas. All our pest control Windsor experts are authorized and have access to the most progressive equipment and devices to totally eradicate nuisances from your property. A few of the factors that make us best in this field are:

    We have been serving Windsor property owners with the finest pest control services for more than 25 years.

    All Our pest control specialists are licensed, industry-approved and highly skilled.

    We are functional 24/7 to attend to all your pest management queries.

    We ensure 100% client contentment and excellent outcomes.

    We only employ eco-friendly and cautious solutions.

    Our primary concern is to promptly remove these annoyances from your house or workplace as quickly as possible. At Pestly Pest Control Windsor, we prioritize the well-being of our customers over anything else. Hence, we leave no stone unturned to protect your loved ones and your employees from severe infections and allergies. All our products and solutions are non-toxic and free of any side effects. Apart from Windsor, we also provide pest control Melbourne. So, put your concerns aside and call Pestly Pest Control today to enjoy the benefits of our finest pest control services.

    Residential And Commercial Pest Control Service In Windsor

    The procedure of choosing the right pest control Windsor service provider can be a challenging task. An overload of technical data and assertions of immeasurable excellence and prowess complicate matters. At Pestly Pest Control, we focus on offering substantial benefits so that our clients can experience nothing but the best pest control experience possible

    Pestly Pest Control is a leader in providing reliable and excellent pest control and extermination services to businesses and homeowners in Windsor. As one of Windsor’s best pest control service providers, our progressive experience and proficiency are second to none. We offer highly effective pest control services to residential as well as commercial properties in Windsor and its neighbouring suburbs.

    Other Services We Offer

    1. Wasp Control Windsor

     Do you have wasp nests on or around your residential or commercial property in Windsor and need expert wasp control services to safely remove them? If this is the case, you may rely on our wasp control Windsor services. Pestly Pest Control has numerous years of expertise delivering effective wasp treatment services to Windsor residents and businesses. Irrespective of the size of the wasp nest or the depth of the infestation, we can safely remove these nuisances from your property without harming you, your family, or your neighbours.

    2. Termite Control Windsor

    Are you looking for termite control Windsor services? Termite infestation may inflict considerable property damage and put a financial burden on property owners. These pests are tough to eliminate using DIYs. Pestly Pest Control has extensive experience in treating and managing several kinds of termite infestation in Windsor.

    3. Spider Control Windsor

     Do you have spider webs in your home and require expert spider control Windsor services? At Pestly Pest Control, we provide customised spider treatment services based on the kind of spider on your property, the extent of the infestation, as well as other considerations. Long-term spider pest management tactics are also included in our treatment services.

    4. Rodent Control Windsor

     Are you looking for a licenced rodent control Windsor provider since you’re weary of the continual screeching and scurrying? Welcome to Pestly Pest Control, your one-stop solution for expert rat and mouse pest control in Windsor. To eliminate the number of rats or mice surrounding your property, we employ cutting-edge procedures and contemporary instruments.

    5. Birds Nesting Windsor

    Although most birds are harmless, many pest bird species can endanger your health and that of your loved ones. That is why we have strategies to keep you safe. We offer effective bird control Windsor services. Pestly Pest Control employs skilled and experienced bird control technicians that follow well-defined protocols. Call us today to know more about our bird proofing and birds nest removal services in Windsor.

    6. Moth Control Windsor

    Moths love to lay eggs and feed on your expensive clothes and fabric. If neglected, moths can rapidly grow in numbers and destroy your valuable textiles. Worry not, Pestle Pest Control’s moth control Windsor services are refined and effective. We are adept at treating moth infestation from your property in the most hassle-free way. Call us to know more about our moth controls service.

    7. Flea Control Windsor

    Do you have concerns about fleas endangering your dogs’ health and seeking superior flea infestation treatment? At Pestly Pest Control, we have numerous years of experience and professional flea control Windsor specialists to provide the most reliable flea control treatment. Give your pets the treatment they deserve by hiring us today

    8. End Of Lease Pest Control Windsor

    In Australia, it is the legal duty of every tenant to make sure the property is clean and pest-free at the end of their lease. We provide effective yet affordable end of lease pest control Windsor services. Call us today and get your place free of pests and bugs in the right way.

    9. Same Day Pest Control Windsor

    Some pest situations can be urgent and you might require instant removal. Pestly Pest Control is well aware of such a situation and that is why we offer reliable same Day Pest control Windsor services to every resident or a commercial property owner in Windsor. Call us today for emergency or same day pest control services at any time.

    10. Cockroach Control Windsor

    Cockroaches are typically associated with dirt and bad hygiene, although they may infest even the cleanest and well-maintained environments. Cockroach control Windsor services from Pestly Pest Control may help you protect your health and that of your family or employees.

    11. Commercial Pest Control Windsor

    Your workplace should be clean and hygienic at all times to ensure maximum productivity. Pestly Pest Control provides innovative treatment options for a variety of pests in business areas in Windsor. We provide comprehensive commercial pest control Windsor solutions, which include a detailed examination, long-term treatment services, and competitive costs.

    12. Borer Control Windsor

    We understand how much you cherish your wood furniture and products, which is why Pestly Pest Treatment offers effective wood borer control Windsor services to guarantee that your wooden furnishings last as long as possible. Call us today to protect your timbers from these ferocious pests.

    13. Bees Control Windsor

    The sight of bees or beehives hanging in or around your property can be frightening. But worry not, we provide one of the best bee control Windsor services to both commercial and residential areas. Our skilled professionals can rid your place of bee infestation within 24 hours.

    14. Bed Bugs Control Windsor

    Are you having trouble sleeping and looking for bed bug control services for your property? Pestly Pest Control is pleased to greet you. We have highly skilled bed bug control Windsor professionals, established techniques, and cutting-edge technology to deliver fast and effective bed bug removal.

    15. Ant Control Windsor

    Are you dealing with an ant infestation and looking for ant control Windsor services? For every property owner in Windsor, Pestly Pest Control is the number one choice for ant pest control. We’ve helped thousands of households and businesses protect their health and wealth with our innovative ant control strategies and high-quality services.

    16. Dead Animal Removal Windsor

    We provide effective dead animal removal Windsor services at reasonable costs. With access to cutting-edge technology and advanced methods, Our skilled dead animal removal technicians can quickly remove the animal carcass from your property professionally within a few hours.

    17. Residential Pest Control Windsor

    Keeping your house healthy, hygienic and free of pests is extremely important. But sometimes pest infestations cannot be evaded. That is why Pestly Pest Control provides the finest residential pest control Windsor services at budget-friendly rates. Call us today to rid your place of pesky critters.

    18. Silverfish Control Windsor

    Are you looking for effective silverfish control Windsor services? With professional and competent pest control specialists, Pestly Pest Control has established itself as the go-to company for cutting-edge silverfish pest control. We inspect our customers’ houses or workplaces for pest infestations and provide tailor-made solutions that provide excellent results.

    19. Possum Removal Windsor

    Pestly Pest Control offers customised and same-day possum removal Windsor services. With skilled possum removal experts and access to state-of-the-art technology, we are adept at removing the possums from your premises in the most humane way possible.

    20. Rat Removal Windsor

    Rats bring fleas, lice, and ticks into the house, posing major health risks to the residents. Professional rat removal Windsor services can swiftly and efficiently solve the problem. The professionals at Pestly Pest Control are very skilled in detecting rat infestations and swiftly eliminating them from your property.

    21. Bee Removal Windsor

    The presence of beehives on your property can be extremely threatening. Their sting can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort and trigger severe allergies in some cases. Pestly Pest Control provides emergency bee removal Windsor services at affordable rates. Call us today to safeguard yourself and your loved ones from these ferocious pests.

    Pest Treatment At An Affordable Price

    Getting help from a professional pest control Windsor services are often overlooked until and unless the problem gets worse and becomes out of control. Not only is employing a proficient pest control service in Windsor more cost-effective in the long run, but it is also the safest, easiest and most meticulous way to keep the nasty critters at bay. Pestly Pest Control believes in providing fines pest control services at the most budget-friendly rates so that no property owner in Windsor has to ever hesitate before hiring professional pest control services for their home or workplace.

    If you are looking for a reliable yet effective pest control service for your business or residential property that can provide positive outcomes at affordable rates then reach out to Pestly Pest Control today and avail the benefits of our best services.

    Same Day And Emergency Pest Control Services In Windsor



    Roaches, rats or other nasty critters moving freely on your premises can be an eyesore. But not anymore! You don’t put up with these uninvited guests for another minute. Pestle Pest Control offers the very best same day and emergency pest control services in Windsor and other suburbs of Windsor.

    Our highly skilled and trained pest control professionals are fully certified, authorized and here to respond to all the queries regarding pest infestation. Once you book our services, our highly qualified professional with a skilful specialist will reach your premises within an hour and will conduct a detailed inspection of your place to figure out the source of the problem and create a customised plan to get rid of the pesky creatures accordingly. So, call Pestly Pest Control and get rid of the nasty critters today.

    Useful Tips For Preventing Pest Infestation In Your Home



    No one likes to share their property with nasty bugs and critters. But sadly, these dreadful annoyances can infest anywhere on your property. Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, these creatures find ways to invade your property and spread across your premises, exposing you and others to several health hazards. These ferocious creatures also need appropriate temperatures and suitable living conditions to flourish and multiply, and your house may be an ideal place for them to dwell in. However, bringing small changes in your daily lifestyle go a long way in keeping these creatures from invading your house in the first place. Let us look at some of the most common ways to keep these pests away from your house:

    Seal Cracks and Voids

    Pests can invade even through the slightest openings and cracks, so you should inspect your home or office now and then and fix any cracked or damaged windows and doors. Also, promptly mend any tears or incisions on your mesh screens.

    Timely Dispose of Garbage

    Most people are aware household trash and litter can draw pests, such as rats, mice, ants and roaches. Make sure that your dustbins and trash can have tight covers and regularly wash and disinfect your trash cans to avoid flies and other bugs from hovering around them.

    Always Store Food in Airtight Containers

    Some pesky creatures, such as rodents, have an extraordinary sense of smell. And if any edible is left in an open, the smell will lure these critters into your pantry, leading to pest infestation in your kitchen and elevated risk of infections. It is important to clean out your kitchen regularly to get rid of food that smells like spoiled eatables that you no longer plan on consuming.

    Regularly Clean Your House

    Unsanitary atmosphere opens doors for various critters, that is why you must never skip cleaning your house. Regularly vacuuming, mopping and disinfecting each part of your home is a must if you wish to avoid unwanted visitors from invading your house.

    Including these small changes in your day-to-day life can offer huge relief from pest infestations. And if there is a serious pest infestation in your house, you must quickly get in touch with Pest Pest Control and let our professionals remove the ferocious pests from your house.

    Benefits Of Pest Control Service

    Pests are hazardous to humans. No matter what precautions you take, these creatures somehow find ways to invade your house or workplace and it is one hard pill to swallow. That is professionals advise every property owner to get their place pest treated at least once a year to keep these critters from dwelling in their house or office. Here are some great benefits of investing in professional pest control Mlebourmbe services.

    Reduced risk of infections and other health hazards

    No room for allergies

    Time and cost-efficient

    Enhanced sleep quality

    Precise use of pesticides

    Professional expertise

    Long-term health relief

    No property damage

    These are a few out of many more benefits that regular pest control services have to offer. To preserve the health and hygiene of your house and to keep your loved ones healthy at all times, get in touch with Pestly Pest Control today and say goodbye to unwanted visitors.

    Pest Spray & Sanitization Windsor

    At Pestly Pest Control Windsor, we strive to always exceed the expectation of our customers by providing them with 100% positive outcomes. Our pest control and extermination methods are refined and safe for both humans and pets. We make sure to thoroughly pest spray and sanitize your whole home or business space to guarantee a full pest eradication. Our industry-grade sanitisers and pesticides are environmental-friendly yet highly effective on all kinds of nasty critters.

    So, without waiting any further, contact Pestly Pest Control today and get peace of mind knowing that you will get instant relief from bugs, flies and all other pesky pests.


    1. What type of pest control treatments are used?

    Depending upon the type of pest infestation, we decide on a suitable pest control treatment. Our treatments include gels, baits, dust, liquid spray, chemical barriers, etc. You can contact us on +61480018318 to share your pest infestation trouble, and we will provide an appropriate solution.

    2. Will my pets be affected by your pest control treatments?

    We use non-toxic pest control products which are safe for your children and pets. As soon as the area is dried pets can move around the house freely. We assure the safety and cleanliness of your premises during the treatment.

    3. Should I clean the floors after the pest control treatment?

    It is not necessary to clean the floors after the treatment. You can wait until 48 hours after the service to mop the floors of your house.

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