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    The Best Possum Removal Service in Ballarat East

    Possums are harmless cute-looking pests who generally flourish in the wilderness but these creatures can invade your property and wreak havoc. These pests are protected under the National Parks and Wildlife Act, of 1975. According to this law, catching, removing, and killing possums without a license is illegal, and doing so can put you in great trouble. You don’t want to face the wrath of lawsuits and legal penalties. So call our possum removal Ballarat East experts today and get rid of these annoying pests within the same day of your booking.

    Our possum catcher experts at Pestly Pest Control Ballarat East are the best at removing possums from your premises. Our highly skilled experts will identify and prohibit all the sources from where these creatures can invade your place. After catching the possums, our experts will remove them from your premises in the gentlest way possible. To book our service, contact us at 048001838.

    What Attracts Possums To Your Property?

    Possums are known to be a scavenger which is why they will feast on anything. They are drawn to overflowing or stinky trash containers, opened compost deposits, or other dirty containers that you may have in your yard or premises. Possums love moist and damp areas hence they are more likely to set up their territory near water or damp areas. If your property is anywhere near a lake, pond, or sewer then these creatures are more likely to take shelter in your property.

    If you are fed up with the nuisance created by possums, call Pestly Pest Control Ballarat East to hire our licensed professionals.

    Why Possums are Harmful?

    Possums are not aggressive. They don’t really attack or bite someone. But, they transmit various diseases such as tuberculosis, Coccidiosis, leptospirosis, and spotted fever. These pests can also cause damage to property and personal belongings while searching for food and shelter. Possums are hosts for many parasites. When possums invade a house or office, they also bring tiny ticks with them. These parasites can be threatening to your pets.

    These are some negative consequences of allowing the possums to stay on your property. To avoid these ill effects, you can book the possum removal Ballarat East service from our trusted company.

    Signs of Possum Infestation

    There are many easy ways to recognise possum infestation. If you ever suspect the presence of possums, feel free to contact our team.

    • Loud scratching sounds on the roof or walls can indicate possum infestation.
    • Possums can take away the pet food from the bowl.
    • Droppings and urine from the possums release bad odours.
    • Possums make different types of sounds in order to communicate.
    • At night, you can see the sparkling eyes of possums.

    Exactly Where Do Possums Hide?

    Possums owing to their small size can squeeze into any narrow space. They can hide in attics, basements, garages, and abandoned cars, backyards, below decks, garden sheds, and crawl spaces. They can easily move into roofs and their eaves to remain there in hiding for the majority of their day.

    What Are The Costs Of Possum Removal?

    The removal of possums from any property depends on a number of important factors. The possum’s damage and the restorations it would necessitate raise the cost of the service. Similarly, the more difficult areas possums use on your property, the more expensive it is to locate and remove them. It is always recommended that possums be evacuated from any place by a specialist. We also offer 100% sure-fire possum removal from your property.

    What Are Possums?

    Possums are furry animals weighing 10-15 pounds. They belong to the marsupial order Didelphimorphia. They are Brown/ Grey/ Black/ White/Tan in colour. Since many of their species are on the verge of extinction they cannot be hunted or killed.

    They are nocturnal creatures and can traverse through tall trees. Their presence can be established by the thumping and loud noises it makes at night. Possums are omnivores and can feast on insects, flowers, fruits, mistletoe, leaves, garbage, fish, and many more. These pests will scavenge through wastebaskets and even compost bins for their food.

    Schedule an appointment with the pest removal specialists at Pestly Pest Control Melbourne to have the possums on your property removed in a safe and humane manner. Get in touch with us for your free quote.

    What Smell Does A Possum Dislike?

    Possums absolutely dislike a number of scents. They can be repelled using them and effectively kept out of one’s property using them:

    • Possums abhor a number of scents like chilli, animal fur, ammonia, camphor, garlic, onion, and others.
    • Placing a powerful LED light or lantern in areas where you suspect their presence will also assist to discourage them in entering into your property.

    You can efficiently keep possums out of your property by using these widely available materials. Possum removal specialists, on the other hand, can give you better and more effective solutions for keeping your property possum-free.

    Procedure of Possum Removal Ballarat East

    At Pestly Pest Control Ballarat East, our experts adhere to a proper procedure to remove the possums. Our team works hard to execute every step in order to achieve perfect results. The steps involved in the procedure are as follows:

    • Property Assessment 

    Our possum removal Ballarat East specialists check the entire property and find out the shelters of the possums. We make sure that every corner is checked so that no possum is left behind.

    • Removal of Possums 

    We locate the possums by identifying the signs of infestation. No matter how hard it is to reach the location, we ensure the complete removal of the pests. We use relevant tools to remove the possums without damaging the property.

    • Sanitisation 

    After possum removal, we spray disinfectants to kill the germs from the place. Once the sanitisation work is over, we conduct an inspection again to see whether all the possums are eliminated or not.

    Why Choose Us?

    Pestly Pest Control Ballarat East is a well-known company in the field of pest control services. We are known for our expertise in eliminating all types of pests, and excellent pest management, and control.

    • 24/7 availability for emergency and the same day pest control services
    • Open on all days of the year including weekends and public holidays
    • Excellent customer support system
    • Effective methods and techniques for possum removal in Ballarat East
    • Completely safe and eco-friendly chemicals
    • Professionally trained and certified local pest controllers

    Do not wait for too long. Call us now and get rid of rodents from your property as soon as possible.

    We aim to offer customers a quality pest control service at an affordable price, and in doing so, we have evolved and become the most reliable pest control company in Ballarat East. Our staff is certified and experienced to provide clients with exceptional pest control service in Ballarat East and its surroundings. We train our pest control technicians and help them gain proficiency in executing strategies with precision and care.

    Same Day Possum Removal Service Ballarat East

    Do you want the urgent elimination of possums from your house or office? Pick up your phone and contact us. We have a big team that can handle urgent requirements easily. Within a few hours, we will be there at your place with all the instruments and products. The charges for such quick service are also quite reasonable.

    Possum Types We Catch?

    Pestly Pest Control Melbourne professionals have the expertise and skills to catch possums of every variety including brush-tail possums, pygmy possums, ringtail possums, and green-tail possums. These are a few varieties of possums that we help people remove from their properties. Schedule an appointment with our possum removal Melbourne experts to rid your property of these pesky pests.

    Reliable Possum Removal Service for Commercial Places

    Possum infestation in commercial complexes such as schools, hospitals, malls, or factories can be hazardous for many people. From employees to customers, many people visit these places in a day. Ensuring their safety is the responsibility of the owner. To get the possums removed, you can ask the possum removal Ballarat East experts. They would reach the commercial place and remove the possums properly.

    Best Residential Possum Removal Service

    It is risky and unhygienic to have possums in a house. From kids to elderly people, everyone’s health can get affected because of possums. Moreover, the noises made by possums at night can degrade sleep quality. If you have found possums in your garden or on the roof, you can ask Pestly Pest Control Ballarat East to get rid of them. We know the best ways to remove them without taking too much time.

    Tips to Prevent Possums

    Possums can be mischievous animals and their removal should be done on an immediate basis. Apart from booking the possum removal Ballarat East service, you can follow these tips to prevent possums:

    • Trim off the branches so that the possums can’t reach the roof.
    • Mix ammonia and water to make a solution. This mixture can work as a possum deterrent.
    • Use LED lights to keep the possums away.
    • Block all the entry points for possums.
    • Use garlic to repel the possums.
    • Keep the trash bin covered and clean.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How to deal with live possums roaming on my roof?

    Cut the tree branches or any other sources of climbing the rooftop, so possums don’t reach and roam around your house.

    2. How do I remove a dead possum from the roof?

    You should seek professional help from Pestly Pest Control Ballarat East for removing the dead possum. Our experts safely remove and dispose of dead possums from your roof.

    3. Can possums damage my roof?

    Yes, the urine of possums leaves ugly yellow stains on the ceiling that releases a foul smell. They may dig holes in your ceiling as well.

    4. Does Pestly Pest Control Ballarat East professional kill possums?

    No. Possum killing is illegal in Australia. Hence, we don’t kill them but dispose of them in a safe place.

    5. What is the price of the possum removal service?

    The price of the possum removal service is based on different factors such as property size and severity of possum infestation. To get a quote for the service, you can contact us.

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