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    Have you been facing problems because of pests such as spiders, rodents, birds and bed bugs? Now, there is no to suffer because Pestly Pest Control South Morang is offering a wide range of solutions to eradicate almost all kinds of pests.

    Our experts reach the tough spots and remove the nests and eggs from there. No matter how severe the infestation is, our pest control South Morang team would handle it with ease. We are capable of removing venomous pests such as spiders and wasps. Apart from pesticides, our professionals use different techniques for controlling pests.

    We assure customer satisfaction by following a personalised pest control treatment plan for every property. For both commercial and residential places, our specialists provide a wide range of services. When it comes to pricing, we are affordable.

    If you want our team to inspect your place and treat it with the right type of pesticides, then we are just a call away. You can contact us at 0480018318. Our team would assist you in every possible way. You can share some basic details and get an instant quote for whatever pest control treatment is required.

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    Different Risks Associated with Pest Infestation

    What Are the Risks of Having pest Infestation on Your Property

    When people fail to address the issues such as lack of cleanliness, water pipeline leakages and improper food storage methods, they suffer from pest infestation. Different kinds of pests such as birds, spiders, ants and borers get attracted to homes and offices if there are enough food sources, breeding spaces and entry points.

    Pest infestation can be hazardous to humans in many ways. Some affect health while some cause damage to property. Have a look at the problems caused by pests:

    Health Problems

    Spiders, wasps, bees and ants are some dangerous pests that sting or bite humans. Usually, an allergic reaction is initiated when the venom from the stinger is injected into the human body. The droppings of pests can also transmit several diseases. Even the touch of some dirty pests can lead to health problems.

    Live pests increase health issues but dead pests can be even more dangerous. The toxic odours released in the decomposition process also affect health. Cockroaches and some other pests that commonly stay near the kitchen spoil the food. This contamination leads to food poisoning. To avoid these health issues, it is better to hire pest control South Morang experts.

    Allergies And Infections

    Property Damage

    The structure of the property faces major damage due to pests. The rodents chew the door and windows. They attack the materials made up of plastic and other metals. They even chew the wiring of the house. Termites and borers ruin the wooden structures.

    They make holes in the wooden structures. Personal belongings are also not safe from pests. Silverfish, bedbugs, and moths ruin the clothes. It is expensive to purchase everything new. So, you must book the pest control South Morang service to avoid these expenses.

    There are several signs of infestation that you should never ignore. Once you spot them, immediately contact Pestly Pest Control South Morang. We would send an experienced team to tackle the issue of pest infestation.

    Property Damage
    From important documents, furniture and expensive clothes to plastic and electric wires, these pesky creatures can chew and nibble on anything and cause damage to a great extent. If you notice the signs of these pests on your property then quickly get in touch with our pest control South Morang professionals. With years of practice, our licenced pest control experts at Pestly Pest Control can quickly eliminate the presence of these pests and save you from spending thousands of dollars on heavy repair costs.

    Symptoms of Pest Infestation in Your Premises?

    These are the signs and symptoms of a pest infestation to look out for in your property. Opting for expert inspection can be more helpful in establishing the presence of pests in your property:

    • Finding droppings, imprints, and greasy marks is a sign of a rodent infestation.

    • Physical damage to electrical equipment and assets alongside contamination of food and edible products in the property is also a symptom of pest infestation in any premises.

    • Coming across nests made by pests in cluttered portions of the property using cardboards, unused boxes, plastics, etc.

    • Unusual smells and odours in the property can also be a symptom of a pest infestation.

    • Piles of dirt surrounding woodpiles, doors, windows and other pieces of furniture.

    • Live insects and pests on walls, floors, cracks and crevices in the property.

    Where Are Common Entry Points For Pests?

    Check out these common entry points used by pests for gaining entry into any property. Pest Control South Morang services can help you rescue your property:

    • Cluttered areas in your house facilitate the entry of pests.

    • Garden sheds housing your gardening equipment, alongside garages and basements also encourage pests from making shelters there.

    • Pests can also enter into your property through chimneys, roofs, exterior walls

    • Packages carried from outside can also provide entry to pests such as spiders, ants, cockroaches, and more.

    • Overgrown trees and shrubs touching the roofs also can be easily used by rodents, squirrels, possums and other pests to enter into your property.

    In South Morang, What Are The Most Common Pests?

    South Morang Australia has a number of common pests:

    • Ants – Ants belong to the bees and wasps family. Australia has over 4000 ant species. Some species have wings. Each colony millions of worker ants, drones and queens.

    • Bed bugs – Common Bed Bug & Tropical Bed Bug are 2 common bed bug species found in Australia. They are small, wingless insects with oval-shaped bodies. These insects are brown in colour and travel from hotels, motels, hostels, theatres into residential areas.

    • Cockroaches – German cockroach (Blatella germanica), American cockroach (Periplaneta americana), Smokybrown cockroach (Periplaneta fuliginosa), Australian cockroach (Periplaneta australasiae) and Oriental cockroach (Blatta orientalis) are some cockroach species in Australia.

    • Fleas – Fleas are small brown-coloured pests weighing 2-4 mm in size. These pests mostly come into the indoors through pets such as cats and dogs.

    • Rodents – There are 60 rodent varieties in Australia. They can infest any surroundings due to their small size, breeding cycle and other factors.

    • Spiders – Spiders can be identified with their 8 legs, sharp fangs and organs that help them spin webs. Australia has about 2000 species of this insect. They can bite or attack if touched or threatened.

    Is There A Pest Control Treatment That Is Most Effective?

    There are a number of pest control treatments developed by researchers and companies working in this industry. There cannot be a single pest control treatment that can be deemed effective for the pest extermination. The Pest Control South Morang team visiting your property will decide on one or multiple pest control treatments after due inspection of the property. The treatment types to be used are determined according to the pest type and its category. Listed ahead are treatment methods used for some pest types:

    • Rodents – Our pest control professionals make use of traps, baiting systems and other chemical procedures for removal of rodents from different locations.

    • Bed Bugs – Bed bug control and removal is done by way of spraying appropriate pest control chemicals that eliminate bed bug eggs and adult bed bugs from residential and commercial properties.

    • Ants – Application of dusts, baits, and repellent chemicals is done for the elimination of ants and termites from various properties.

    • Wasps – Chemical treatments and application of specific insecticides is the approach used by our expert and skilled wasp removal professionals.

    Pest Control South Morang Process


    We are a dependable company that has been offering a wide variety of pest control solutions for years. With license and certification, we serve many commercial and residential areas in South Morang. To resolve the problem of pest infestation, our professionals follow the listed steps:


    To deal with pest infestation, it is essential to know the exact position of its severity. Our professionals visit the place and inspect the property and the degree of pest infestation. They check the damage and find out the pest species.

    Pest Control Plan

    To work systematically, it is necessary to make a plan that is customised to the present conditions. This is why our experts collect information in the inspection phase and use it to make a solid plan. From pesticides required to the duration of the treatment, many points are listed in the plan.

    Pest Control Methods

    To kill, remove or exterminate pests, our experts make use of the latest pest control methods. In fumigation, a machine is used to make fumes of chemical pesticides. In spraying and dusting, the pesticides are applied in liquid and powder form. In freezing and heating methods, extreme temperatures are used to kill the pests.

    Follow-Up Visit

    After the chemical and non-chemical treatments are implemented, the specialists check the position of the infestation after a few days. They see whether all the pests are removed or not. Pests keep coming to place until all the prevention methods are followed. So, our technicians educate the clients about various pest prevention ways.

    If you don’t want the pests to cause damage to your health and property, reach out to Pestly Pest Control South Morang. Our helpful team utilises effective techniques to eradicate the annoying insects, rodents and marsupials from your lovely home.

     Why Choose Us?

    To live a healthy life, it is mandatory to keep the pests away from home. The presence of pests leads to several diseases and monetary loss. Pest control services help people in living a safe and secure environment. If you are stressed out because of pests, contact Pestly Pest Control South Morang. By choosing us, you can get the following benefits:

    • Our humane approach to pest control enables us to eradicate the pest without harming the environment and health.
    • We use safe and approved pesticides.
    • Our pest control team is licensed and trained.
    • The services offered by our company are affordable.
    • We work 7 days a week to provide pest control services to commercial and residential places.

    We prioritise customer satisfaction and you will not be disappointed with the results that are able to achieve. Our booking procedure is quite simple and you can contact us any time to get your queries answered. What are you waiting for? Call us today to get more information.

    Our primary concern is to promptly remove these annoyances from your house or workplace as quickly as possible. At Pestly Pest Control South Morang, we prioritize the well-being of our customers over anything else. Hence, we leave no stone unturned to protect your loved ones and your employees from severe infections and allergies. All our products and solutions are odour-free and free of any side effects. Apart from South Morang, we also provide pest control Melbourne. So, put your concerns aside and call Pestly Pest Control today to enjoy the benefits of our finest pest control services.

    Commercial and Residential Pest Control Services in South Morang

    If your kids suffer allergies and infections frequently, then pest infestation can be the reason behind it. In residential places, our experts apply odour-free pesticides to prevent breathing issues. Our customised treatments are prepared by keeping the health conditions of the residents in mind. So, they are completely safe for the residents.

    Our services are not restricted to residential areas. We provide the finest quality services in various commercial places such as schools, hospitals, hotels, factories, offices, etc. Our services can be booked at affordable prices. If you don’t want pest control to be done during office hours, we can provide it early morning or late evening.

    Our Services

    Looking for many pest control treatments under one roof? Pestly Pest Control South Morang can be an ideal choice for you. We have years of experience and we guarantee perfect quality of work. Our company offers a plethora of pest control South Morang services to ensure your safety. Here is a list of the treatments offered by our experienced company:

    1. Wasp Control in South Morang

    Wasp stings are painful and deadly. To avoid such risks, you should not allow the wasp infestation to increase on your property. If you have noticed wasp nests in your garden, ask our experts to remove them. In our wasp control South Morang service, our trained professionals make use of the finest pesticides and tools to exterminate and remove the wasps.

    Wasp Control
    Spider Control

    2. Spider Control South Morang

    You should extra cautious if spiders are present near you. Some spider species like black widows and brown recluse spiders are venomous. These deadly pests can be removed only by trained pest controllers. If you have spotted some signs of spider infestation, ask our spider control experts to remove them. Our team knows the techniques to safely exterminate spiders. They can also put check on the increasing population of spiders by using insect growth regulators.

    3. Rodent Control Service in South Morang

    Rats, mice and other rodents make screeching sounds, spread diseases and contaminate the house with their urine stains and droppings. There are many risks associated with rodent infestation and our rodent control service helps in avoiding them. We use rodenticides and modern techniques to catch, kill and remove pests.

    Rodent Control
    Birds Nesting

    4. Bird Nesting Control

    Isn’t it pleasant to see birds flying in the sky? But, these birds become problematic when they construct their nests on the premises. They create a mess in the yard with the feathers and droppings. They spread many serious diseases such as Histoplasmosis and Psittacosis. For quick removal of birds, you can book our bird nesting control South Morang service.

    5. Moth Control Service

    Moths lay many eggs at a time and their larvae cause havoc in residential and commercial places. Pantry moths destroy the food products while clothes moths chew the fabrics. Our moth control service is designed to eliminate these pests from a property. You can call us and make an appointment for this service at an affordable price.

    Moth Control
    Flea Control

    6. Flea Control South Morang

    Does your pet feel restless these days? Does it scratch its skin all time? The fleas might have made your pet their host. You can book our flea control service. Our professionals would destroy the eggs of the fleas and kill the adult fleas with help of safe pesticides. We would inspect the place properly to make sure that no place is left untreated.

    7. End of Lease Pest Control South Morang

    Planning to move to another apartment? To get the bond money back from your current landlord, make sure that you book our end of lease pest control service. The owners have the right to retain your money if they find pests in the apartment. You have to hand over the apartment in a clean and safe condition. Our services would surely help you in making a smooth exit from the property.

    End Of Lease Pest Control
    Same Day Pest Control

    8. Same Day Pest Control South Morang

    This service is designed mainly for those people who need pest control service within a few hours. If the bees have gone out of control or the ants are attacking your food, you can contact us. Book our service and get rid of these pests.

    9. Cockroach Control

    Cockroaches are dangerous pests that live in damp areas of the house. They come out from drainage pipes and contaminate the utensils and food. These pests spread many diseases like typhoid, dysentery, cholera and diarrhoea. By relying on our cockroach control service, you can protect your family from serious diseases.

    Cockroach Control
    Commercial Pest Control

    10. Commercial Pest Control South Morang

    The reputation of commercial places gets badly affected when cleanliness is not maintained. Presence of pests in commercial places can pose threat to the well-being of staff members and customers. Removal of pests from huge buildings is not possible without taking professional help. You can hire commercial pest control experts from our company to get rid of your worries.

    11. Borer Control Service

    Wood borers are tiny pests that make the furniture hollow. They chew the wood and make holes in it. The borer control service offered by Pestly Pest Control South Morang could be useful in eradicating these pests. To get rid of these pesky pests, call us today.

    Borer Control
    Bees Control

    12. Bee Control South Morang

    Did you spot a bee nest on your house premises? Contact us and we will send our bee control team to your house. Bee sting is extremely painful. This is why we wear protective gear and use effective pesticides to exterminate the bees.

    13. Bed Bugs Control

    Bed bugs bite humans at night and spread blood infections. Their removal should be done by professionals because these pests are small and quick. In our bed bugs control service, our experts use superior and effective products to destroy the bugs and their eggs.

    Bed Bugs Control
    Ant Control

    14. Ant Control

    Long queues of ants in your kitchen are not good for your health. The ants consume the food particles and contaminate them. Moreover, they can bite humans. To save yourself from the attacks of dangerous ants, book our ant control service.

    15. Dead Animal Removal

    It is risky to have dead animals in or around the residence. The ticks, fleas and other parasites on dead animals spread in the home. They cause various problems. Also, the odours and germs from dead animals can affect human health. If you have found a dead animal, contact us immediately. Our dead animal removal team would remove the corpses carefully.

    Dead Animal Removal
    Residential Pest Control

    16. Residential Pest Control

    Kids, adults, pets and elderly people in the house get exposed to various kinds of diseases if pests invade the property. For safe pest control, our residential pest control team utilises odour-free and hypoallergenic products. They treat every corner of the house and ensure that nobody’s health gets affected due to pests.

    17.Silverfish Control

    A silver-coloured insect can be found in clothes. This insect makes holes in the dresses, beddings and upholstery products. To handle these kinds of pests, we have introduced our silverfish pest control service.

    Silverfish Control
    Possum Removal Control

    18. Possum Removal

    Pestly Pest control South Morang is a licensed company. Our experts can remove the possums. It is illegal to kill possums as they are protected by the law. This is why we remove and relocate them to a safe place. If you are fed up with the damage caused by possums, hire us today to get the pests removed.

    19. Rat Control

    Rats are mischievous pests that ruin machines, papers, cardboard, clothes, plastics and many other things in a house or workplace. Moreover, they spread several kinds of infections and diseases. Book our rat removal service and protect everything from these harmful pests.

    Rat Removal
    Bee Removal

    20. Bee Removal South Morang

    If bees are buzzing around their nests in your garden, hire our bee removal experts and get the nests removed. We have the right tools that help us in removing the nests safely. Our company excels in both bee control and bee removal. You can take advantage of our expertise by booking our pest control treatment.

    Budget-Friendly Pest Control Services

    At Pestly Pest Control South Morang, we provide the best quality solutions at affordable prices. Our company don’t include additional charges in the bill. We maintain transparency in our work and pricing. You will be told in advance about the work that we will do. Based on the products, property size, and severity of the infestation, we will prepare the quote. To get affordable solutions, trust our company.

    Same Day Pest Control Service Booking in South Morang

    Do you need our service today itself? Simply dial our number and book a suitable pest control service. We have a big team that is always ready to assist clients. They are well-armed with all the essential pesticides and tools. You would receive help from our team within a few hours. For same-day booking, we don’t charge an unnecessary high price. Whether you need our service for your house or office, get in touch with us.

    Same Day And Emergency Pest Control Services
    Our highly skilled and trained pest control professionals are fully certified, authorized and here to respond to all queries regarding pest infestation. Once you book our services, our highly qualified professional with a skilful specialist will reach your premises within a few hours and will conduct a detailed inspection of your place to figure out the source of the problem and create a customised plan to get rid of the pesky creatures accordingly. So, call Pestly Pest Control South Morang and get rid of the nasty pests today.

    Easy Yet Effective Pest Prevention Tips

    Useful Tips For Preventing Pest Infestation In Your Home

    It is not safe to have pests all around the house or office. They influence the health badly and destroy property. Professional pest control services South Morang are beneficial in controlling a severe infestation. But, it is not possible for the chemical treatments to prevent pest infestation permanently.

    The house owners or commercial property owners should pay attention to pest prevention. By following some easy tips, they would get long-term protection against nasty pests like spiders, ants, rodents, bugs, etc. Here is what you can do to prevent the pests:

    Seal Entry Points

    If there are cracks or holes in the walls, doors or windows, seal them up. These voids help the pests to enter a house or office. You can even install window screens to prevent wasps and moths.

    Store the Food Properly

    Do you leave food uncovered? Leave this habit as it attracts many pests into the kitchen. Cockroaches, rodents, ants and other pests would stay away from your home if you store the food in airtight containers.

    Maintain Cleanliness

    Regular mopping and vacuuming are necessary to prevent pests. From kitchen to bathroom, every corner of the house or workplace should be clean.

    Empty Trash Bins Regularly

    Do you leave filled trash bins open in the garden? This can be a big mistake because pests find their food in the bins. So, make sure that you empty the trash bins daily and cover them properly with the lid.

    Aren’t these some easy tips? Well, they are effective too. You can keep the pests at a distance from your place by following these tips. Don’t forget that Pestly Pest Control South Morang is here to help you in case the pest infestation goes out of control.

    Hire Us for Pest Control in South Morang

    Pestly Pest Control South Morang has been ruling in the industry because of the customer-centric approach. We ensure client satisfaction by employing the best possible pest management strategies. We are quick, reliable, knowledgeable and helpful. If you are looking for the best pest control services, feel free to hire us. Our professionals would eliminate all kinds of pests with safe and approved pesticides.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do you kill the pests?

    We use various products such as baits, gels, sprays, and dust to kill pests. Apart from chemical-based treatments, we use heating and freezing treatments to eliminate pests.

    2. Can I remove the pests myself?

    No. Some pests are venomous and their sting can be lethal. Without proper training, you would not be able to find the breeding places. So, it is better to rely on professionals. They would use the right products and exterminate the pests without harming health.

    3. What kinds of pests do you control?

    We provide pest control services for different pests like birds, ants, silverfishes, cockroaches, bees, fleas, borers, spiders and bed bugs.

    4. What is the price of each service?

    To know the price of a particular treatment, you can call us. You can either submit the contact form or call us at 0480018318.

    5. Do you remove dead animals from home?

    Yes, our dead animal removal team removes the corpses of animals. We safely remove the animal and sanitise the place too.

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