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    Can you notice holes and stains on your clothes? It can be a sign of moth infestation. You must contact us and book the moth control Epping service. At Pestly Pest Control Epping, we save you from the damage caused by moths by eradicating them with the best products and strategies.

    Our team has experienced people who work hard to get the perfect results without taking too many hours. The chemical treatments are meant to destroy the adult moths, larvae and eggs. You will notice the impact of our process within a few days. To get the benefit of our expertise you don’t even have to move an inch. You can call us any time to get your queries answered.

    Our services are affordable and you should not hesitate in booking them as quickly as possible. Moths are harmful. So, book the service right away to get rid of them!

    Hassle-Free Moth Control Services in Epping

    Why do Moths Get Attracted to Your House?

    Do you see a number of moths flying n your porch? Do moths even enter your home? Well, there are a few reasons for moth infestation in your house. The lights outside your doorstep or near windows attract the moths towards your home. Even a tiny hole in the door or window can allow the moths to see a beam of light. They can gravitate towards the holes and cracks. In this way, they can easily enter your rooms. In pantries and kitchens, the food products become the reason for the moth infestation. To keep the moths away from the house, you need to eliminate the sources of light and food for them.

    Problems Associated with Moth Infestation

    Moths are considered harmful because they lay eggs on food items and clothes. They chew fabrics and cause massive destruction in commercial and residential places. At Pestly Pest Control Epping, we provide a specialised service for moth eradication. It is necessary to hire moth control Epping experts because these pests can cause the following damage:

    • Cloth moths usually attack silk and woollen dresses. They can chew them and even leave some faeces stains on them.
    • The moths also ruin the upholstery products such as carpets and curtains. They find these places perfect for laying eggs.
    • Moths contaminate the food. In food warehouses and pantries, owners have to face huge losses because of pantry moths.
    • Lepitdopterism, also known as caterpillar dermatitis is a serious skin problem caused by moths.

    Problems Associated with Moth Infestation

    After looking at the list of the damage caused by the moths, it can be concluded that moths are detrimental to both health and belongings. Whenever you notice a moth in the house, contact Pestly Pest Control Epping to get a reliable pest control service.

    How to Recognise Moth Infestation in Epping?

    It is necessary to control moth infestation before it becomes risky. For timely control, it is important to identify the signs of moth infestation. It is not everyone’s cup of tea to recognise all kinds of insects. For your help, we have listed some visible and clear signs of a moth infestation:

    Check the bedding, clothes and upholstery products in your home. If moths are present in your house, you will find tiny holes in them.

    You can also discover half-chewed leather and feathers.

    Larvae and cocoons can be seen attached to the clothes.

    Brown-coloured flying moths can be seen in the house or premises. Moths are attracted to bright lights. So, you can discover them near the lights.

    How to Recognise Moth Infestation in Epping?

    Why Pestly Pest Control Epping?

    Why Pestly Pest Control Epping?

    Because of our hard work and dedication to ensure client satisfaction, we have become a household name in Epping. Our company is experienced and trusted by multiple clients across the city. The following are the key specialities of our company:

    Every person working with our company is trained, experienced and certified. We can efficiently remove dangerous and protected species of pests.

    We offer a fantastic range of pest control treatments at affordable prices.

    Our procedures don’t affect the health of humans. The pesticides that we use for pest control are eco-friendly, organic and odourless.

    Our services are provided to both commercial and residential clients.

    Same-day or emergency bookings are available.

    Different Types of Moths

    In Australia, there are between 20,000 and 30,000 species of moths. Some of the commonly spotted moths in houses and commercial buildings are given below:

    Cloth Moths

    You can find these light-coloured moths crawling on the floor. They feed on different types of fabrics.

    Pantry Moths

    These moths cause massive destruction in pantries, kitchens and warehouses. They attack food products.

    Brown House Moth

    These are the brown-coloured moths that are usually found flying near the lights at the night. They mainly consume cereals, pet biscuits and grains.

    Case-Making Moths

    The larvae of these moths create webs on the clothes. You can find these moths in silk and fur clothes.

    Moth Control Epping Procedure

    Pestly Pest Control Epping is a reliable company that works hard to obtain the perfect result. Our professionals adhere to a particular procedure. Our team pays attention to every step and ensures that no problem is left after the treatment. The pest control specialists in our company follow these steps to control the moths:

    • Professionals check the place and recognise the places from where the moths enter. They also find the breeding places and property size in the inspection phase.
    • The specialists choose suitable chemical products to destroy the moths. They prepare a complete plan according to the severity of the infestation and the size of the property. Estimated results and duration are also noted in this customised plan.
    • The larvae and eggs of moths are destroyed by the experts to prevent the outburst of the moth population. Our professionals use insect growth regulators to disturb the biological cycle of the moths. Apart from chemical treatments, many chemical-free methods are also utilised by experts to exterminate moths.
    • Our pest control team helps the clients by suggesting the best ways to prevent the moths in future. They also pay a visit to the client’s place to check the exact position of the moth infestation.

    Do you want our moth control Epping experts to exterminate moths? If yes, you can get in touch with us to get rid of these pests.

    Hassle-Free Moth Control Service for Commercial Places

    Do moths disturb your customers and staff members? Don’t let the moths ruin your reputation. Hire us today itself and do away with the moth infestation. Whether you have a big warehouse or a corporate building, our team will reach everywhere to provide pest control services.

    Pestly Pest Control Epping’s experts will bring all the costly products and tools to ensure the harmless removal of moths from your building. If you want us to be on your doorstep at your desired time, then contact us today to make an appointment.

    Hassle-Free Moth Control Service for Commercial Places

    Moth Control Treatment for Residential Places

    Do moths attack your expensive dresses? Is your child suffering from allergy because of moth infestation? You can contact Pestly Pest Control Epping and hire the moth control Epping specialists for your home. For residential places, we use gentle pesticides that are not harmful to kids or household pets. We also make sure that no personal belonging is damaged during the process. Many house owners love our services because we offer high-quality services at budget-friendly prices. To get an instant quote, you can contact us.

    Affordable Moth Control Treatment

    If you have been delaying the booking of pest control service because of the high fee charged by other companies, then you can call Pestly Pest Control. We never provide the service at a cheap rate. But, keep in an affordable range. Our team listens to your requirements and tries to give you a budget-friendly price. When it comes to quality, we never compromise on that. From pesticides to machines, everything would be advanced and approved.

    Some Facts about Moths You Must Know!

    Moths can impersonate other pests like wasps and mantis to protect themselves from predators.

    Some adult moths live for only a week and don’t even have a mouth to eat.

    Moths are great sniffers. They can detect a scent even if they are 7 miles away from the source.

    Moths are excellent sources of protein and healthy fats.

    Some Facts about Moths You Must Know!

    Tips to Keep the Moths Away from Your Home or Office

    Tips to Keep the Moths Away from Your Home or Office

    The moths will stay at a distance from your home if you consider our excellent prevention tips:

    Eggs and larvae of the moths can stick to the fur and wool clothes. Whenever you come home, don’t forget to clean clothes properly.

    If you store bedding and clothes in boxes for many months, ensure that they get a dose of bright sunshine. Similarly, clothes should be treated with sunlight when you take them out from the boxes after a long time.

    Use lights with higher wavelengths.

    Freezing the infected objects can also be great for preventing moth infestation.

    Prepare a powder of lavender, cloves, rosemary, bay leaves and thyme. Use this powder to restrict the entry of moths.

    Frequently Asked Questions Related To Our Ant Control Service in Epping

    1. What preparations can I do before the pest control team arrives?

    Ans: You can send your kids and pets to another house for at least 2 hours. Remove fragile and expensive products from the closets and beds to prevent any kind of damage. Lastly, you can make space in the parking lot for our vehicle. Other than these basic things, you don’t have to worry about anything.

    2. What is the price of the moth control Epping service?

    Ans: Call us directly or submit the contact form to know the price of the moth control service

    3. What types of treatments are used by the experts to kill the moths?

    Ans: The pest control specialists use heat, steam, freeze and chemical treatments to kill the moths.

    4. Where female moths lay eggs?

    Ans: The female moths prefer to lay eggs on fabrics coated with urine, sweat or stains. It becomes easy for the larvae to get the vitamins from dirty clothes.

    5. Do you offer service on weekends?

    Ans: Yes, our team is accessible on weekends as well. Our company operates 7 days a week to provide the best service to our clients.

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