How Do I Keep Spiders Out Of My House Naturally?

They might be silent, they might be obscure, and they might be hiding on high walls or under furniture but you simply detest them. Yes, we are talking about Spiders which are noiseless nuisances you want to avoid. These can be dangerous but since very reclusive difficult to get rid of. So before you consider calling in Spider control Melbourne service experts for a complete and well-executed extermination, we can take a quick peek at how to prevent spiders and spider webs to make our homes safe and healthy.

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A Few Natural Solutions To Combat Spider Menace

Hiring pest control Melbourne service specialists would be very effective but there is a possibility a few applied solutions would have strong chemicals that might cause some reactions in your family. So opting for organic methods is the safest and cleanest simply because there is very less health risks.

Getting Rid Of Those Spiders the Natural Way

Natural methods are rather easy but yes it would take some effort from your end.

Remove clutter: Cobwebs are often sighted in dark dingy spaces. So keeping clean is very important. Keeping the underside of furniture well dusted, neat piles of newspaper in homes, stores, garages, and keeping boxes well stacked is a good way to keep spiders at bay. Remember spiders love to conceal themselves, so a place that looks fresh and clean shows human activity driving these miserable pests away. This is the first post-treatment suggestion Spider control Melbourne service experts advise homeowners.

Seal up crevices: Prevention is better than cure. If you block entry points pests will remain out. So seal up cracks, and gaps in walls, doors, and windows. Use caulk wires and cables on window edges and door cracks. Use mesh around vents and chimneys to keep spiders outside.

Keep lights minimal: Spiders prey on other insects that visit your home. Insects and bugs have a strong affinity for bright illumination and lamps, and lights. These insects and bugs crowd around lights which bring in spiders as they seek food which is these insects and bugs. So minimizing lights or switching lights off after a few hours can keep them away. Try using sodium vapor lights indoors as this will keep all irritants out. Also while bugs love bright lights, spiders love darkness. So it is best to use a dark red night light. It keeps the room softly illuminated and yet keeps spiders away.

Minimize plants or avoid using plants: Spiders like hiding among stones, plants, and foliage. Removing these around your home entrances ensures they remain away. While spiders may freak you and me, they are themselves elusive and trap and kill prey while they are hidden. So avoid keeping plants near your windows and doors that allow them to gain access into your homes.

Frequent dusting: For those hard-to-reach spaces where spider infestation is severe calling pest control Melbourne service providers is needed as they have the trained eye and skill to dig out spider nests from invisible hiding areas and remove those using insecticides. Webs are made by spiders in areas that are far off, and away from human activity. Also once a web is made spiders start multiplying. So keeping walls and ceiling corners clean is very important. Clean the back sides of cabinets, furniture, and garden shed regularly to prevent spiders from getting comfortable and spinning their webs which helps them to trap insects. A clean environment deters this.

You reap what you sow: The main cause of pest and spider infestation is often careless human behavior. Food crumbs and spills are the first things that attract pests like mosquitoes, and flies. So after cooking, cleaning dishes and kitchen floors is very important to prevent other pests’ entry which in turn will keep spiders away. Keeping food leftovers covered or in the refrigerator is another good practice as anything left open becomes an open invitation to insects and bugs lurking around for food which also attracts spiders.

 Vacuum cleaner: Regular use of vacuum cleaners suck in spiders, cobwebs, and other insects trapped in the web into the dust bag which you can safely clear outside. Hygiene and a clean environment keep spider activities to a minimum.

Using peppermint spray and eucalyptus oil: Add a few drops of peppermint oil to water and spray it all over your home, upholstery, and curtains. This repels spiders very strongly. Eucalyptus oil is something spiders stay away from. Apart from eucalyptus oil acting as a detoxifier, keeping infections away in your home, spraying a few drops around your interiors keeps spiders far off.

Vinegar: This is probably the easiest home remedy. Who doesn’t keep a bottle at home? It is an easy enough solution but a very potent combat technique as its strong acidic smell keeps spiders miles away making you happy. So don’t wait, use it often. Another great remedy is tree tea oil. Add a few drops of tea tree oil on cotton balls and dab on any cracks on windows or doors to drive away spiders and even other pests!

Citrus fruits: Take any citrus fruits you regularly snack on. Keep small bits of the peel around your home and their strong fragrance also repels spiders.

Home remedies are great as long as the infestation is less severe but in case you have a big infestation and you want 100% pest removal in a short time, its best to reach out to pest control Melbourne service specialists who will use the state of the art techniques and solutions by trained technicians to make your home spider free.

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