How Do You Get Rid Of Bees Naturally?

Whenever we think of bees we connect them to honey and how essential they are for the health of humans as honey has many therapeutic and healing qualities apart from being used as a vital ingredient in the food industry and culinary creations. But of late their importance has gone beyond the fact that they give us honey. They are crucial pollinators and carry grains of pollen between plants on their bodies using their hairs. They contribute to better crop yields, especially food crops. However, we are thrown into a fair bit of nervous tension whenever we spot a huge hive. These useful elements can be lethal if they wish to sting. Of course, we can always reach out to Bees control Melbourne service professionals who would do a smooth removal; nevertheless, there are ways in which we can remove them naturally with no use of toxins or strong pesticides.

People with spacious leafy backyards, garages, and sheds often find that a bee hive has come up and the size seems to be expanding by the hour. Well-informed homeowners would hire Bee removal Melbourne service experts to handle it as they know a bad sting can last for days and if severe can land you calling a doctor. Let us look at some natural remedies to get things under control. But before that, it is important to know what casualties bee infestation might bring in.

 Why Should We Get Rid Of Bees From Our Premises?

Bees are wonderful pollinators and honey producers but there are a few basic reasons why we need to stay away from them unless we are in the business of beekeeping!

Many family members are severely allergic to bee stings and this could prove fatal for them. So, removing bees becomes an urgent requirement. This could not only save your medical bills but their life.

The chances of getting a bee sting increases if you have a bee nest near your home or inside your home area or compound. At times children and pets playing in the garden or yard get subjected to bee stings. Bees, unlike wasps, are not aggressive but suddenly they can get so if they feel their nest is being threatened by human activity or proximity or it might be due to a lack of opportunity for flowers to pollinate. So you might wish to call Bees to control Melbourne service providers.

How to Tackle Bee Presence: Tips on Home Remedies

There are a few methods people employ to remove bees. Some are environmentally friendly yet harm or kill the bees, whereas a few other methods are safe for both the environment and the bees. Let us see a few of them-

Bees are naturally attracted to sweet liquids. So cut a soda can in half and fill it up with sweet soda. Place this in an area you have spotted bee presence or activity. This will attract the bees. This is a safe toxin-free way to get rid of bees but bees will die as they will drown in the liquid eventually.

Bees are repelled by a few odors and moth balls turn them off. So hang a few moth balls near bee nests in small cloth bags and the smell will keep the bees away. You might also hang moth balls all across your external yards, garden sheds, and lawn too to ward off bees.

If you know or have knowledge of a beekeeper nearby the best and safest bet would be to call him in. Beekeepers are masters at bee handling and would be excited to have been contacted and would remove it with expertise without harming the bees and giving you peace from the threat of these bees. Another alternative of course is reaching out to Bee removal Melbourne service experts.

Spraying vinegar is a great natural remedy to keep bees out of your external spaces and yards. Take a spray bottle and in it blend equal parts water and vinegar. Spray this over bee nests at night or around plants and shrubbery where bees might congregate.

Another humane and natural way to remove bees from your premises is to sprinkle the cinnamon powder around their hive or nest daily for about a week. This will cause them to relocate keeping them alive.

A natural way to keep bees at bay is to plant those plants that repel bees. So planting a few mint, citronella, and eucalyptus around your homes will keep bees out. Alternatively, you might sprinkle citronella oil around your homes that have the potential to attract bees or use citronella candles whose perfume will ward them off without killing them.

Making Your Own Bee Repellent

A small effort can go a long way in warding off bees.

In a spray bottle mix, Castile liquid soap with water, and to this add peppermint oil, cayenne pepper, and cinnamon. Spray on areas bees visit. Alternatively, you can also use peppermint fragrant liquid castile soap to spray on bee nests. Bees are also strongly repelled by the smell of garlic. So sprinkling garlic powder around their hives makes them leave. Marigold plants are also an effective way to keep bees at bay. At day end if you wish to avoid going through all this just call in the specialist Bees control Melbourne service providers and be stress-free!

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