What is the Difference Between an Exterminator and Pest Control?

You have come across a number of cockroaches in the pantry or a line of ants after just finishing fixing up your dinner. Or you have been scared by a rat who jumped out of your closet and now you are decidedly confused about whether to refer this matter to a pest control Melbourne specialist or an exterminator! While there are many people out there who think exterminators and pest controllers are the same things since they perform the same job! They are not! There are some key differentiators that separate these 2 entities and give them their uniqueness. Read this blog to understand the difference between both of these entities in a detailed manner.

What is the Job of an Exterminator?

Exterminators eliminate pests but they do not always find and target the underlying cause of the pest problem. The solutions provided by them are seldom long-term since their pest control approach does not target the root of the issue.

Pest extermination involves a universal approach. The pest exterminators would not necessarily return to your property if you begin noticing fresh pest outbreaks after the extermination. Likewise, you will have to pay for further sessions.

They are not obliged to return to your property for further treatment. Call an exterminator if you need a quick and effective solution to your pest problem.

What is the Job of a Pest Control Specialist?

Pest control specialists ask clients a number of questions that help them determine the correct approach required for treating the pest issue. They create a detailed plan for eliminating the pests and keeping them out of your property for the long term.

A pest control specialist also provides clients with useful guidance and tips to keep the pest outbreak from repeating again and again.

Their emphasis is on making use of eco-friendly and non-hazardous pesticides and chemicals that will cause the least harm to your surroundings, loved ones, and pets whilst being the most effective in doing away with the pest population.

Additionally, pest controllers are certified, trained, and licensed in the most efficient and safe methods of pest control. Your safest option is to hire a pest control service when the pest issue is fresh and hasn’t turned into something big.

Though the treatment solutions used by pest controllers may take a longer time to show the complete effect they do not have any adverse effects on the environment or the people occupying the property.


Even if the charges of extermination of pests may be far lesser than the pest control, it is likelier that you may end up purchasing multiple sessions as opposed to a single pest control session if you were to hire a pest controller. Since both pest controllers and exterminators work to achieve the same goal of making your house free of pests, the treatment techniques used by both are vastly different. It is important to carry out your own research before hiring either for your pest control infestation.

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