What Is The Best Way To Remove Bees?

The sound of buzzing bees may seem threatening especially if you notice them hovering in or close to your home, you may go through the chills of one of them stinging you hard. Without a doubt, the fear of bees stems from the memory of their nasty bite, which can make us shiver. Do we really need to just kill them, though? The short answer is no; bees are a vital component of our ecosystem, so try not to destroy them no matter how intimidated you feel in their presence.

You will learn how to remove honey bees without harming them by reading this blog. The hives that you use the tactics on will thrive and relocate to a better nesting place, one that’s probably not inhabited by humans, even if there will be bee fatalities in the methods, we’ve mentioned below for bee removal in Melbourne.

What Kind Of Risk Do Bees Pose, And Why Should We Avoid Them?

Bees are an essential component of ecology and have received a lot of attention from environmentalists around the world. As we are all aware, the decline in bee populations threatens not only our ecology but also life itself.

Both recognising the sort of bee and the method for getting rid of it is crucial. For instance, bumblebees and carpenter bees differ from honey bees. They live alone. The largest population you can usually obtain from them is between fifty and one hundred. Therefore, treating them the same way you would treat millions of honey bees might be a bit excessive.

  • Even if it’s crucial to keep them safe, this does not entail that you should let them live in your home.
  • Some animals may harm your house or develop aggressive behavior.
  • The great news is that they usually cause less damage than termites or rodents.
  • The worrying thing is that getting rid of them can occasionally be challenging.

Understanding the Type Of  Bees

It’s crucial to determine whether the stinging insect is a bee, hornet, or wasp before deciding on a strategy to get rid of a colony. Your ability to predict damage or the possibility of stings will improve with this knowledge. Furthermore, specific care must be given to some species while performing bee removal in Melbourne.

Bumble Bee: The bumble bee tends to dwell in light, fluffy materials and sometimes underground. It is only hostile when confronted.

Carpenter Bee: Carpenter bees rarely harm structural beams because they live alone. However, isolated nests can grow in number, eventually wreaking havoc on the nearby surface wood.

Honey Bees: Although they are not hostile and are very helpful, honey bees have large, bulky nests that yield a large number of workers. They are the only kind in which leaving your house is the best option.

Worker Bee: Only worker bees have stingers. The sole fertile female in the hive, a queen bee is bigger than a worker. It has a stinger that may hurt repeatedly and causes additional discomfort.

What Should You Do If A Beehive Is Discovered In Your Home?

There is no denying that removing bees from your home can be very difficult. However, as soon as you spot a beehive in or close to your home, you should take the following actions for bee removal in Melbourne:

Find the source

Searching for the origin should be your initial action for bees control Melbourne. Try to identify their source as soon as you notice bees flowing into your home like unwelcome guests. But if you see the hive, don’t try to stop them from leaving since they may find another, which would mean they could get into other parts of your house.

Keeps pets and children away

Small children and pets are particularly vulnerable to bee stings as they may unintentionally agitate these tiny insects. So, if you see a beehive inside or close to your home, we advise you to keep it isolated and clear of children and pets.

Garlic spray

Bees can be deterred by strong unpleasant smells since they rely so much on their sense of smell. Therefore, periodically sprinkling the area they’re currently residing in with a mixture of water and crushed garlic cloves is an effective way to bee control Melbourne.

Citronella candles

You are aware of the impact citronella has on mosquitoes. However, did you know that it may also be used for bee control in Melbourne?

To drive the bees away, use citronella candles rather than smoke with a strong scent. The honey bees won’t be killed by citronella. However, you can compel them to leave by putting multiple lit candles underneath their hive. Just continue to burn the candles for a few days.

This strategy works only for hives found indoors or on days with little wind and no rain. Since the idea is the candles must burn consistently. Any disruption caused by the environment can make the entire method too ineffective to resolve the issue.

Call the professionals

If the beehive is not very large, you might be able to get rid of it on your own. However, if the hive is large, you must seek out expert assistance from bees control Melbourne. The elimination of beehives is a specialty of several pest control companies. Contact one as soon as possible. Bee removal in Melbourne may seem simple, but it calls for expert pest control services.

Final Thoughts

It may be safest to hire a professional if you are allergic to bees or the beehive is in a challenging location. Our professionals at Pestly Pest Control Melbourne employ sprays made especially for various bee species. Our specialist will dismantle the nest and plug any entrances after the colony has been destroyed. Call now to know more.

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