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    We provide the best bee removal Loch services to both residential and commercial spaces. We understand how critical bee infestation can be that is why we offer emergency and same-day bee removal Loch. So, you can call us any time of the day and we will be glad to serve you. Our bee removal experts at Pestly Pest Control Loch have a decade of experience in removing and controlling swarms of bees, beehives and nests from your premises in the gentlest way possible.

    Our experts make sure that the bees are safely removed and relocated to a safer place where they can thrive. Our professionals will reach your property within an hour of your booking and quickly start the bee removal service.

    Our highly skilled bee removal Loch experts have access to the most advanced tools and techniques that make them well-adept in removing bees and beehives in a safe and quick manner. At Pestly Pest Control Loch, we are totally customer-oriented and prioritize your safety over anything else.

    This is why we use only industry-approved treatments and methods to remove the bees from your premises. All our bee removal solutions are completely safe for you, your children, pets and as well as for the bees. If you wish to get rid of bees and bees hive at an economical price then call us right away and leave the rest to us.

    What are The Risks of Having a Bee Infestation on Your property?

    Bees are an important part of our ecosystem as they are responsible for pollinating many fruits and flowers that we see around us and they also provide us with that delicious honey that we all love.

    Nevertheless, when a swarm of bees hover around in your premises or forms a beehive somewhere in your yard, this can severely impact your health.

    These cute- looking critters are generally harmless, but a little mistake can aggravate them. When they feel threatened, they sting in their defence. Their sting can cause a lot of pain and discomfort and sometimes even trigger a severe allergic reaction that can rush you to an ER.

    That is why it is advised that you do not try to remove beehives or try to shoo away bees on your own. You should also keep children and pets away from them and immediately contact our bee removal Loch services.

    Our experts will provide you with a comprehensive solution to eliminate these pests from your premises making sure there is no room left for future infestation.

    Apart from Loch, we also provide bee removal Melbourne. So, no matter where you live, our bee removal experts are always available to help you with any kind of bee infestation. Call us right away to make your place pest-free in a short time.

    Signs of Bee Infestation

    From pollinating flowers to providing us with sweet delicious honey, bees play an integral part in preserving our ecosystem. But they can quickly become a hazard when they invade our homes or commercial space. Especially if you have yards or lawns on your property, your place is more likely to attract these tiny yet pesky creatures.

    Although these critters do not pose any harm, once they feel threatened, they are quickly aggravated and can sting you. Their sting can trigger hazardous allergic reactions and lead to a great deal of pain and discomfort, it is better to take effective measures before letting the situation get out of control.

    As a leading pest control and exterminator service in Loch, we at Pestly Pest Control are no strangers to these pesky bugs and critters – For your safety, here, we have put together a list of the various signs of a bee infestation that you can look for and take immediate action.

    An Absurd Amount of Bees Flying In or Near Your Premises

    The first sign that you might have a bee infestation on your property is if you witness an absurd number of bees flying or hovering around your property.

    Not only is this extremely irritating and troublesome, but it can also be unsafe as these creatures carry various germs and pathogens with them. If the bees seem to be coming from different directions and you can’t get rid of them, you probably have a beehive or colony in your house or workplace.

    Active Nest

    If you notice an active beehive, whether inside your home or outside your garden, it is likely that bees have infested your property.

    Active nests can be positioned in trees, under the floors of your home, in your garage or shed, or hidden in wall cavities. If you suspect you have a bee infestation but can’t see a visible nest, patiently watch the bees pass as they move through your home.

    Do they come and go from a certain place and are loaded with pollen? Then it will give you a clear indication of where the nest is.

    Dark Blotches on the Ceilings or Walls

    If you see dark spots on the walls or ceilings, it could be a sign of a bee infestation. This is because bees have made a nest in your wall cavity or above your ceiling, which means that honey is produced here.

    The honey from the beehive will leave dark marks on the ceilings or walls. So it’s a clear sign that with too many bees and visible dark spots, there is a great possibility of a mild to severe bee infestation on your property.

    Buzzing Sound

    The most obvious sign of the bee infestation is the buzzing sound made by the pests. If you can continuously hear buzzing sound in the yard, you should ask the experts to find out the origin.

    Why Hire Us?

    We are a reliable, dedicated and certified team of experts in the treatment of all types of infestations. You can count on us for an excellent, safe and hygienic extermination service. We give you some genuine reasons to pick us on your property for pest control.

    Decades of industrial experience

    We have several years of experience in pest control industry. We use our expertise in formulating the perfect plan for treatment.

    24×7 reservation facilities

    Our online bookings are open 24/7. You can book our service and make an appointment on any day. Our service available on weekdays, weekends and holidays

    Ensured pest management

    We eliminate all kinds of pests from both commercial and residential places. Our experienced team uses modern pest control strategies and products to control pests.

    Environmentally friendly methods of pest control

    The pesticides used by our team are organic and safe for the environment. The pesticides are odour-free and don’t affect anyone’s health.

    Reasonable prices

    The services offered by our company are reasonably priced. There are no additional charges. You can contact Pestly Pest Control Loch any time and get an instant quote.

    Our Bee Removal Loch Process

    We follow a systematic bee removal Loch process that has helped us to remove thousands of beehives and nests in Loch. We have skilled personnel that undertake the job patiently and with a lot of expertise. Our bee removal process is as follows:

    1. Assessment

    A thorough assessment and analysis of the bee-infested site are conducted by our team prior to beginning the bee removal procedure to ensure the safety of our patients. In addition to calculating how many bees are infested, this information can be used to determine what caused the infestation.

    1. Plans to deal with a bee infestation

    As soon as the inspection is complete, our exterminators come up with a plan for removing the bees. Fortunately, we at Pestly Pest Control Loch are able to provide customised bee removal Loch plans on the same day of your booking.

    For reliable bee removal in Loch, call our exterminators right away. The bee removal process is discussed with the client prior to any work being done on the bees.

    1. Bees eradication

    In order to get rid of bees in your home or business, our exterminators use bug sprays and splashes. Other treatment methods and agents are used depending on the extent of the infestation.

    When it comes to our work at Pestly Pest Control Loch, we put our clients and their families first.

    As a result, our team carefully selects the cleaning agents to ensure that they do not have a negative impact on the environment, pets, elders, or anyone else in the vicinity.

    1. Post Assessment and Tips

    Our experts will return to your Loch property after the bees have been eliminated to see if they have returned. Safe and long-lasting, our bee removal Loch results are guaranteed.

    We advise our clients on what items in the house should be disposed of in order to prevent bees from returning to your home.

    Our team also offers advice to clients on how to prevent bee infestations through the use of preventative measures. Contact Pestly Pest Control Loch right away.

    Same Day or Emergency Bee Removal Service

    Bees are more hostile in warmer climates, especially when the beehive is located in a shaded location or if there are abundant blooming flowers. The proximity of these pesky to your home or workplace can lead to severe health problems, especially when bees are annoyed.

    When feisty bees are infested in commercial or residential areas, it becomes a big problem. Once you catch a glimpse of beehives on your property or your business space, you must quickly address the issue and seek professional help as soon as possible.

    We provide emergency bee removal services throughout Loch and its surrounding areas. Our highly skilled bee removal Loch Specialists are adeptly acquainted with cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly bee removal and control methods which are known to provide 100% guaranteed results.

    Once you book our services, our qualified specialists will reach your property in an hour and will quickly remove the bees from your premises on the same day of your booking.

    Call Pestly Pest Control Loch today to get a free quotation!

    Residential Bee Removal Loch Service

    Our residential bee removal service in Loch is completely customer-centric, well-structured and highly effective from start to end. Our services are available 24/7, seven days a week.

    Our skilled and trained professionals are extremely proficient and provide the best bee removal services to residential properties across Loch. They use products that are safe for kids and pets. The pesticides are odourless and hypoallergenic. Even asthma patients can feel safe with our service.

    Once you book our service, our specialists will visit your property and conduct a thorough inspection of the infested area to determine the intensity of the infestation.

    Then on the basis of the result of the evaluation, the bee removal process will be conducted. Using advanced technologies, we make sure to provide you relief from the bee situation in minimal downtime.

    Commercial Bee Removal in Loch

    Having bees in your business is sometimes unavoidable. When an aggressive bee feels threatened, it may attack, resulting in a painful sting in individuals allergic to bees. Bees on your business property may be hazardous if you are unsure of how to eradicate them safely.

    Sometimes invasion of bees in your business cannot be avoided. When only a single bee is enough to frighten people in your workplace then just imagine how much ruckus will a colony of bees will make. From stinging to causing pain, swelling, discomfort and even serious allergies, these nasty creatures can wreck your business place in more than one way. Pestly Pest Control Loch is a reliable company that offers pest control services for commercial places.

    In schools, factories, hospitals, malls and old age centres, our company provides fantastic service. And if you don’t know how to handle these pesky bees, you must avoid going near them at any cost and quickly contact professional bee removal services in Loch as soon as possible.

    Licensed & Certified Bee Removal Professionals

    Bees are important for our ecosystem. Despite the fact that bees are helpful to the environment, they can still be dangerous to us. No property owners promote beehives in their houses or office.

    These creatures might sway you with their cute and tiny appearance, but they are not at all friendly. Whenever they feel threatened they can become defensive and attack you. Their sting can even trigger life-threatening allergies in some individuals. Because of these very reasons, people look for professional bee removal Loch treatment. Worry not! We’ve got you covered.

    Pestly Pest Control Loch has a team of competent bee removal exterminators to get rid of these ferocious creatures out of your house or workplace.

    All our experts are fully licensed and certified and they are very well aware of the importance of bees for the environment, Hence, while removing bees, our professionals make sure to remove them as safely as possible and after successful removal, they relocate them to a safe place where they can continue to flourish and benefit the environment without inflicting any harm to you or your loved ones.

    Affordable Bee Removal Service in Loch

    We provide exceptional bee removal service to residential, as well as, commercial properties in Loch. Our aim is to make our services reachable to everyone across Loch, hence, we offer high-quality services at affordable rates.

    Our bee removal Loch Service is available 24/7, seven days a week even on weekends and public holidays. To protect you and your loved ones from a bee infestation, we employ effectively safe and eco-friendly treatment to remove the swarm of bees or beehives from your premises.

    Our professionals are highly qualified to quickly remove beehives with the use of state-of-the-art equipment. What are you waiting for? Call Pestly Pest Control Loch today to get affordable bee removal solutions.

    Some Surprising Facts About Bees

    You would be amazed to know the following facts about the bees:

    • A queen bee can lay up to 2500 eggs per day.
    • The bees can cover a distance of 25 km. per hour.
    • Worker bees give royal jelly to young larvae that they want to select as a potential queen bee.
    • There are 170 odour receptors in bees.
    • Bees do a waggle dance to communicate a message to other bees.

    Some Effective Tips to Prevent Bees

    Bees are considered dangerous because of their aggressive behaviour. Their sting can trigger a severe allergic reaction. These pests should stay away from a house or office. Unfortunately, people make a few mistakes that lead to a bee infestation. The tips to prevent these nasty flies are as follows:

    • You should avoid planting colourful plants and flowers because bees are attracted to them.
    • If you plan outdoor gatherings, be mindful of the storage of food. Open food attracts bees.
    • Essential oils of peppermint, lemongrass, citronella and eucalyptus can be used to repel the bees.
    • Garlic and cucumber naturally keep the bees away.
    • Buy a bee-repellent spray from the market. Use it whenever you spot a bee.
    • To keep the indoors safe, you should block all the entry points for the bees.


    Q. How can I heal the sting of bees?

    While a bee sting can be painful, most bees are not dangerous to relieve. Your skin can swell for a while, and with an ointment, it can be healed.
    Q. Do I have to stick to remove the beehive?

    No, not so. Removal of beehives calls for experience and knowledge. A stick and no preventative action can have a fatal effect on your life. Therefore, book professional bee management services from Pestly Pest Control Loch.
    Q. How much time do bees live?

    The queen bee is about 2-3 years old, while the working bee is just 5 to 6 weeks old.

    Q. How do you remove bees?

    We have experienced professionals who use fumigation machines and pesticide sprays to eliminate the bees from a property.
    Q. Do you provide bee removal service on weekends?

    Yes, we work on weekends. To book the service, you just need to call us on 0480018318.

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